Sunday, December 19, 2010

A long trip

I have been to a few places these past few days with a few of my friends. I've been longing for such a trip since the beginning of the holiday. And I can't say that I am fully satisfied with the trip. I can be to a lot more places if I have more money. However, it is bad to say that I am not happy with this trip. In fact, I enjoyed this one trip very much. 
So, this on-the-paper aim for the trip is actually to fetch my sister's baggage back to my home. She had just finished her SPM two days before I came back to Kelantan. My bus departed from Pasir Puteh at 9.55 last monday. I'd spent my first day in UiTM PA with my ex-roommate. I'd even attended a lecture there with Fawzan and Boss. I supposed to have dinner with my friend that Tuesday's night but suddenly my mom called me and told me that I had to lengthened my trip there. She wanted me to go home with my sis. I am more than happy to 'grant her wish'. However, I'd to rush to KISAS that night. Thanks a lot to fawzan for taking me there on his motorcycle. 
The next day, I went to Alamanda to meet E-se and Ijat Jali. A few more friends should be joining but they had to cancelled the plan last minute. Never mind. InsyaAllah we can meet again next time. We actually didn't do much things there. Just karaoke, eating and a lot of chatting. Ese and Ijat nearly lost their voice that day. lol Late that evening, Aidil Haikal came to join us too. He was pretty busy with the application for university. So, we just sat at Rasa and talked some more. He sent me to Sentral in his new white Myvi. He had to rush for a debate in Uniten that night. That night, I went to UM and slept there. Sometimes, I even think that we actually have a free hotel there. If any of us want to sleep there, it will always be Acap's room. Thanks a lot Acap and Syed. 
The next day, I went to Mid Valley. Alone. This is my second time alone there. My favourite place there is MPH bookstore. I can spend even hours reading books there. Books are all over the place. I dont but anything this time since I'd spent more than hundred bucks the last time i'd been there. However, being alone was so much boring that I finally gave up and went back to Puncak Alam. Before that, I had my lunch with Zuhdi K somewhere in Shah Alam. Pojan did me a great favor again by fetching me back to Puncak Alam from Klang Sentral. If not for him, I have to wait for another bus to Puncak Alam and I dont think that I can wait any longer after spending nearly two and a half hours waiting for the bus to Klang Sentral. 
Friday was done with chats, games, playing cards and finishing The Guardian by Nicholas Spark. Saturday was the last day for the trip. They also held an exhibition for some local higher education institutions on that day. So, I just spent the day roaming around the exhibition. Safuan offered to take me to KISAS and then to Klang Sentral. Had my lunch at his house, again. Thanks a lot, Cina. 
This trip makes me realized that having a lot of friends is a privilege for me. Privileges are something that should be treasured with care. By saying friends, I am not limiting them to the people above only but to all those people that are not blood related to me but still, I enjoy, cherish and treasure the presence of them around me. It is not because of the ride that they offered, the meal that they treated or anything materialistic that may occur from time to time that make friends friends, but the presence of them around me-no matter who I am and what I do- that counts.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It has been long since my last post. Maybe this is one of the reason. My 100th post. By posting this entry it will be 101 posts, last published on Dec 10,2010. Lol. Nah, it is not the exact reason. I actually have nothing to write in this blog. Maybe I am suffering something people called writer's block. Who knows right?I also prefer writing in my own journal -it is not a diary =D. Nobody will say anything if I am to curse people there.
Still I want to update my blog. So here I am. I am missing my friends. Have little friends here. Plus the fact that only little institutions are on holiday now. It is hard for me to meet my friends.
The thing that I want to say here is actually about accepting the current me. I am in a new place now. Not that new since I have been there for four months. I can't keep missing my old friends...nah, I can miss them. I actually need to stop expecting the same thing I experienced back in high school. I have to accept the new situation now. I have to accept that my new friends are not the same with my old friends. I also need to accept that intimacy needs time. Things were more awkward during my first four months in Alam Shah.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alhamdulillah. thank Allah for the result.. I didn't expect that I will get this good result. Maybe mine is not as good as others but still it is more than my expectation. Thanks for all lecturers: Miss Asma, Miss Bazilah, Mrs. Ruzela, Ustaz Muslikhin, Mrs. Ainon, Mrs. Kiran and Mr Kamal. =D

Just dont compare with others.. =D

Really really happy. Considering that my over-sixty marks is the lowest, I thought that I will get no more than B- for reading. Thank god. Aiming for higher gpa and cgpa next year. Amin~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Everyone needs his/her own motivation and aspiration; be it family, satisfaction or even money.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm reading Aku Terima Nikahnya 3 by Ustaz Hasrizal Jamil. I am interested in one article which I can never deny. We, young people, are being too pushy sometimes. If we want to do thing, we want it to be done as soon as possible. It is possible sometimes but definitely not all the time. So, learn to be patient, dear Afiq.
I am looking for good colleges that I should try. I admit that I'm no good in this. I have no idea about US's education system or for that matter, America itself. Ok. A little bit exaggeration there. I have some ideas but they are just far from sufficient for me. Now, I am trapped between rankings, allowances, people's suggestions and many more factors. Rankings are important. People do judge from which university I am. But, will I ever be admitted into those high ranking schools, far from surviving them. My friend says that if I am ever to continue my study abroad, I should choose the best school.
Which one is the most important factor?
1. world ranking
2. allowances
3. admission requirement i.e essay and stuffs
4. school size. I heard that it is harder to survive in XL-sized school
5. any other factors?

Dont judge me about the allowance thingy. Maybe i am being a little bit materialistic here. hehehe

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I wanna have a productive holiday. I mean at least I should so something. It is a two-month holiday. But things that I actually do are downloading and watching movies. Sigh. -.- My mom has been nagging me about wasting my time in front of the laptop ever since I'm home.

Friday, November 19, 2010

What makes an old friend special?  The time we spend apart from each other.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There are always some points that I regret in my life. I always do things that make me regret at the very moment I've done them. One of the famous things that I'd done, and I regretted it at the very moment I said it, is calling my friend's name out loud in my class. The problem was, instead of calling his name, I called my lecturer's name. Lol. That was horrible, right? It has been a laughing stock since then. Haish. It is not that I hate it when people keep mentioning the mistake, but I should not do it in the first place.
I also like to question my decisions too. For instance, what will happen if I turned down the offer and stayed in Puncak Alam? Will I be happy like my friend who turned down two offers and said that he never regret it. Eventually, I asked Syamil about this and we have some small 'debate' about it. Still, as expected, I cannot answer this little inquiry. However, given the fact that I cannot do anything about it anymore, let's just say that I have forgotten about it. =D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It has been nearly two weeks since I finished my final exam yet i've done nothing good except wasting my time lying on the bed...if that can be considered as good. Haish. Really need to do something good. I actually have things to do -a lot- but streamyx has done a good job in keeping me online. I need more motivation to keep a distance from my laptop.
For the time being, I am considering to apply for a part-time job in a bookstore nearby my house. But I think it will be hard since I have things to do in KL in Dec. Haish. Let's take some more time thinking about it first. However, one thing I am sure about is this holiday gonna be so long. Dear fighters friends, really really miss you guys

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

People do judge book by its cover

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just got back from KL. My father asked me to send my sis back to her school in Klang after a very short holiday. She just wanted to spend some time at home before entering the battlefield- the SPM battlefield. I took the opportunity to meet my friends after sending her to Klang.
From Klang, I took the commuter to Shah Alam and had a breakfast with Mulliadi and Nawawi at the Pasar Seksyen 6, a place where I never thought of setting my feet again this year, yet Ive done it. Then I took the commuter to Subang Jaya to have a lunch with Fako. My first mcD after my campaign against the fast food. Once in a month is tolerable, right? Then, I took the commuter again to Bandar Tasik Selatan, met Rahman, drop my bag at his house, took the commuter to Mid Valley, spent time there and then took a commuter again to Bandar Tasik Selatan. My point is the commuter. It was one of the public transports that I hate and still it is. It is quite amazing that I can wait for the train without even cursing for its lateness. I should be proud of myself.
I've said this once but I want to say it again. I am easily motivated, and demotivated, by the people around me. I think that my life evolved around great people. I could find them everywhere: in my school, in my college, in the taxis and even in the bus. They are just everywhere. Lol.
To my Fighters friends, I miss you all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This one I quote from "3 Idiot":

Today, I learn a human behavior
When our friend fails, we feel bad
when our friend tops, we feel worse

Is it true?
= )

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Sem 2010

Yesterday's bbq had concluded my fall sem in Adfp. Thanks a lot to all the Austin-ians for the great memories. May all of us enjoy our holidays and come back with full of spirit. Thanks again guys

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never let guys shop without telling them the specific quantity that you want. Everything just seem to be insufficient =D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank god
even though i did not pass my target
still it is good

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

: D

I hope that I can be narcissistic once.
Not that bad narcissistic, but a good one
So that I can at least assume that I am important
And I can assume that I can get what I want

The thing is I had expected the worst case scenario
But when it happened
and given the fact that the real situation is better than what I think
I still feel that sad feeling
I still feel that down feeling
Maybe the one who should change is me
It's not maybe
It is a must

I really hope I can be that person
who literally smile and accept the reality
and can take the bad experience
as a very good teacher

I want to quote an advice from a person that I know
and that person knows me too, of course
"Everyone is different, you can compare
but also know your limits
and also acknowledge your advantages too"
: D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have been long since the last post right. I am quite busy now for the final is just a week away from today. Have prepared nothing too. I just finished my last writing assignment too. Noorizuan, I am sorry for not crediting you in last entry. So, I hope this photo'll make up for that

the most left one, noorizuan shah
on the last photo, he was the photographer

Some random pictures
in seksyen 2
i wonder why my name is in that?
herm.. we have Alia too in my class. lol
syamil and syed
this one was just outside UM
One more thing..Aqilah, no worry la. I won't be mad at you though u compare me with a bear. I'll just think of something that would suit you. Maybe some other time. Hehehehe. And you are right about one thing. I don't like publicity

Saturday, October 16, 2010

thanks Syamil!!!!
for driving us to that place and treating us too
Cabi, sorry dear. You missed it
This picture is taken in Flaming steamboat in Subang. I am not sure the exact spelling of this restaurant and the steamboat itself is correct or not but it sounds right for me. lol. This one time, we really eat big. And this was Syamil's treat. Nice one right. Thanks Syamil...Wanna say love u but it is too public. lol. Joke la. Next time it's my treat, huh. But mine will be at the water cooler only. Low budget tea : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some people say that success is not an escalator but it is a ladder
While I have nothing against that statement, I think that my ladder is steeper than others. 
It sure takes a lot of things to be sacrificed
however, when the result is not that satisfying
it leaves a lot of pain
look dude,
I am struggling even to type this entry 
my English is not that good
and i am aware of it
but can do nothing about it
maybe it is just a sign
that I am too far
from Him

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pray for my result
really hope that I dont have to take SAT once again

Sunday, October 3, 2010

am looking forward for the SAT. Obviously not because I am confident but this exam will surely put a full stop in all the pains that I have. Ok, 'm lying there. One of the pain actually.Lol. Lots of assignment need to be done before the final exam. Nevertheless, after this saturday, the fact that I've taken the SAT will ease me a lil bit. Hopefully.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I felt the sudden urge to post something on this blog. I was perambulating in the Adfp block before. Then, I dropped by Awie's room and had a little chat with him. This little chat was the thing that urged me to come back to my room, take my laptop from inside the closet, turn it on and post this song. I heard this song in our OC class. Cut everything short. :)


I would welcome your presence back into my life
With an ear to ear grin I would greet you on sight
I would dance until dawn, I would laugh at the rain
I would welcome your friendship again.

I can hear your soft voice on the telephone line
I can see your sweet smile as it flits 'cross my mind
I can feel your heart, so full within mine
But I cannot look into your eyes.

        Though I well understand our paths drawn apart
        I still feel the longing deep in my heart
        I must patiently wait till faith, hope, love, the trine
        Can allow us together in time.

We have chosen this distance, from a deep place of knowing,
That each one of us may have space for growing
And the mirror we turn, and the honor we share
Hold a promise to always be there.

        Though I well understand our paths drawn apart
        I still feel the longing so deep in my heart
        I will patiently wait till faith, hope, love, the trine
        Will invite us together in time.

Then I'll welcome your presence back into my life
With an ear to ear grin I shall greet you on sight
I will dance until dawn, I will laugh at the rain
I will welcome your friendship again
I will welcome your friendship again.

the friendship waltz
by Lui Collins.

Dedicated to my dear friends..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

apsal rasa xde semangat giler2 ni
I should start working on my book review, radio drama, campaign and SAT
I should but I am not
kinda lazy these days

To my dear friends,
You guys don't have to stalk my blog like that.
as if i have another fb in that chatbox
now,u may want to have a look at these people's blog : )

Izuan yusri and aqilah
go and spam them

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I thought that I just wanna post thin in my status for FB, but, apparently, I cant tag any name. It kinda disappoint me. So, i decided to post this in this blog , which meant that I had to post a detail one. Lol.. Gonna take some time but I want to publicize it.
It is not a big a deal actually. Today Syahril Ibrahim a.k.a Cabi treat us - Hazim, Zhahir, Apek and me - three regular pizzas. Adding the one that I got free with the coupon, we have four pizzas altogether. Then, I managed to persuade Ferd to drive to Subway for a supper. Credit to Boost for his car. I must say that I kinda proud of my persuasive force because I managed to have a free set of Subway-sponsored by Ferd. Lol. Joke Ferd. It's not because of my persuasive force but of your generosity. U too, Cabi.Wee~
Thanks guys..

suddenly, I can tag names in FB.sigh

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The gpa is out already. Not a good one, but alhamdulillah anyway. Kinda expect more. But, I cant do nothing about it. sigh. Some people may say that let bygone be bygone. But I'm sure that this thing can never be one because I will bring the score to the final exam. However, I should look at the bright side.  That shows where I stand, right?
forget about that i-dont-want-to-remember thing. herm~.and now I"m blank.Lol.
I still don't buy the ink for my printer. Sadly enough, the semester is just five weeks more and I dont think that I want to buy the ink. Which mean, there is no point for me to bring the printer. I wont say that it cost me 265 for nothing. but it kinda seem to be like that. Joke la. herm~ Just forget this thing too la. Lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another random fact about me: I am easily motivated by things that other people may think as small and insignificant. However, the motivation never last long. The longest one is only for two days.
I always want to be somebody - a person who leaves a good impression in others' life. It is as if I live in others' shadows. I want to be like A-he is great. I want to be like B too-he is respectable. The list can go interminably longer. I am, however, become tired of living others' life. It is hard. I want to be myself. I have my own quality that I can be proud of. Maybe there are always rooms for improvement, but improvement is different from being somebody else. We can improve our live if we know our weaknesses.
This conflict does not happen to me only. It happens to most of us. We always think that everybody is better than us. We always want to be someone else.
This is not an academic essay. Lol. It doesn't even has the quality to be one. This is my random thought of the day. It is true-at least for me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

lets start with a random fact about me. Not taking my mum, aunties, cousins and so on blood related women and girls into the account, I have only three phone numbers of the opposite sex in my phone book. The first one is Nisaa, my assistant class representative. I got her no. when I asked her to pass some information to our classmates. The second one is Zulex, my junior's sis. He gave me her no. before the SPM with the intention to  help me -or the other way around- with the spot question. The third one is Sara. I got her no when I was in form three. So, what is my main reason for stating this? Obviously not to say that i am single and available.(even though it is true.) I was alone in the bus last night. I took out my phone to sms somebody.So, I sms everybody that I think will reply mine. Eventually I found out this fact.
Today is the first day in Cendana after a long holiday. Which long actually? The long as in long or in inverted comma? Both. For some reasons, this holiday seem to be long for me. For other reasons, however, it also seem to be 'long' for me. This day started badly. My printer's ink leaked, leaving my hands with all the unable-to-lost stains. The washing machine was lost from its previous place. I have two pails full of clothes next to my bed. Nowhere near to be washed. Sigh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

no mood for SAT
counting days for it

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

had spent about two months in INTEC before coming home. However, it took me about four days to reach home after the holiday started. The last paper we had for the mid-term examination was reading. I boarded the bus right after the jumaat prayer because Daus had promised to pick me up at cendana. Yet, I had to wait for about an hour before tha bus left for cendana. Daus arrived before me, leaving me in such a hurry mode.
We planned to pick Fako up first, but we were lost. So, we went to Daus's campus first. There, I had to leave my i/c at the guard's house. Ok...that was a usual procedure. However, on the way out, I dropped out from the car before Daus parked. A motorcyclist nearly hit the door but thank god, he didn't. Story cut short, the guard was mad at me. I wanted to avoid any trouble,so i said "sorry". Shockingly, the guard replied back, "sori naik lori la." Huh. The guard sure had some sense of humor.
On the saturday, I went to KL with Fako, Daus, Dika, Nawawi, Irsyad, Bighead, Amir hatim and Mulliyadi. I was attracted with an offer from one of the shops there. Buy two jeans for hundred ringgit only. However, for my dissapointment, they have slim cut jeans only for my size -.-'
That night, I slept at Fako's house. I was at the last corner to his house when I realized that I left my laptop at Sal's house. Troublesome me!! I had to go to Sal's house the next day to pick it up since Sal was going home on that day. He was generous enough to send me to OU although there was no point for him to go there.  I planned to spend my day at Aidil's house. Aidil was in Uniten at that time. I managed to force him to come home and have the iftar with me. He also agreed to take me to Shah Alam because I had not packed my things yet. I'm in heaven. I need not to travel back to Shah Alam with public transport. LOL
At last, Monday. i asked Aidil's father to pick Sharo up at Mahalah Abu Bakar in UIA. My bus was at 9:30 that night. So we went to buy things to bring home. I met Irfan Rosly  at Putra station. Physically, he had not change. lol.
So. here I am. home sweet home. Lots of travelling this mid-term holidays. My allowance was decreasing very fast. Need to practice self-restrain. I have to save some for future need, right?
My sis was looking for my laptop when she found an empty dunhill '20 in my bag. OMG. I forgot to throw it away. Need a lot of words to convince my mom that I do not smoke.

Thanks to fawzan for reminding me 
of how I had forgot about the reason for us being here
to worship and to remember 
the Almighty

Monday, September 6, 2010

my friend once said

"klu aq mmpu aq da ajak ko
lgi 2 taun aq ajak ko pegi US
jom r
tpi ko kne blaja btol2
lulus SAT dlu
apply U dlu
bru aq bleh ajak ko datang US"

2 more years to go
thanks for the advise, mate..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting for the last paper in less than 12 hours from now
Should be studying for the paper
guess what?
CS, dota, mcD, Domino pizza, and playing cards..
too relax, right?
sigh -.-
praying for some lucks
for the paper

one more problem
have not finished my assignment yet
still, I'm blogging right now

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have nothing in mind actually
but my hands are itching to write something in this blog
so, I take this opportunity to remind myself 
of something that I should never forget
of something that is important for my future
of something that is crucial
of something that shows how fast time flies
guess what that something is?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

love it dudes....
have spent all the night with my friends. The event at Pelita restaurant, the one near KLCC can be consider as a success. Even though I expected up to 50 persons to show up last night, rationally, 35 is quite a big number, considering that it is hard for us to gather once we ended our high school.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

have no evening class today
and tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow

sound interesting?
there's more
three days in a row
holidays for all of us
a longer weekend indeed.

can't cancel the classes on Monday

rest assured
the next day is a holiday

here comes the pain
mid term tests =.=`
get them all done

two weeks at home.phew..

now that is what we call LIFE
Bored to death

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tonight, food seem to come from every direction that I can think of. I have my dinner at first in Aidil haikal's house in TTDI. He took me to the bazaar nearby his house and as usual, i just don't know what more can I expect from a bazar. The typical food that we can think of i.e. nasi ayam, roti john,murtabak and all that stuffs. I ran into Nabil there. Long time not see dude.
Story cut short since I am sleepy(lol), I have nasi ayam, meehon, nasi goreng, meehon again, otak otak, fruit punch, dunkin donut,lala and some other food that I don't even know its name. Thanks to Aidil, Chubby, Izzat and paan. I don't think that I can wake up for sahur, guys

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am currently in UM. Just finished my sahur with nasi ayam. Yeah, it is my first time (sound having rice for sahur.
Found something today. Aidil is my idol. LOL.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hari ni terasa nak mengarut dalam bahasa melayu la. Rasa macam nak mengimbau balik masa bulan pose kat skola dulu. Sentimental sket. Hahaha. Banyak kenangan kat sana time bulan pose lu. Aku sebut ikut random je la. Mana yang singgah kat kepala, yang tu lah aku tulis. Hahaha

Masa lower form dulu aku memang liat gler ah nak bangun sahur. Except kalo aku x tido. Kalo dak2 bilik aku nak kejut sahur la kan, memang sangat2 kesian la kat diorang. Wat penat je. Banyak la sebab aku malas nak bangun. DM jauh doe. Pancit nak pusing. Gate tengah x bukak plak tu. Yang tambah sakit kalo odw nak g sahur, kena 'sweet',pastu ada orang cakap  "naek atas jap". Lagi la aku malas nak bangun. Kadang2 tu bangun wat magi, antar kat orang atasan pastu sambung balik tido. Bangun sebab dah janji ngan e-se nak tolong dia. Kang dia emo lak..kidding la e-se. Hahahaha

Masa time f3, orang yang paling mangat nak kejut aku sahur, Azem.. Kadang2 tu kalo aku x bangun, dia naek atas badan aku pastu dok lompat2. Mangat giler ah. Tu kalo aku tido meniarap la. Dia tu ringan, xpe la. Xde la sakit anak orang nanti. Hahaha. Yang x bole bla tu, kejut pkul 4 pun ada. DM x bukak lagi la der. adoiii. Memang
la aku malas nak bangun. Part yang best lak, bangun, bukak loker, amek serunding. Mantap gler

Time f2 dulu, banyak kali gak ah aku x tido. Zaman2 hyperaktif. Keliling blok ngan Ijat Jali ngan Afiq Akmal. Letak colgate la. Letak dynamo la. Aku x wat. Orang len wat. Aku tukang gelak je. (dan2 je x wat sekali). Pas sahur tido ah. Bez gak ah dok rounding blok dulu. Tapi tu zaman jahiliah dulu. Naik f3 dah civilize sket. Dah nak PMR dah pun.

Time F4, herm~~
banyak kenangan masa bulan len la.hahaha.tapi ada gak. jangan bimbang. Masa f4 dulu, zaman rice cooker.Hahaha. Aku, boss, adam, topek, bighead.(yang tak ter-mention tu sori la,kot2 aku lupa).Mantap gler ah. Amek magi, telor, pastu kadang2 sayur gak. Memang magi masak sendiri yang terbaik la. Tapi sayangnya bukan bulan pose la. Masa bulan pose, aku btol2 dah lupa apa aku buat. Hahaha. Kalau nak kira yang gado f4 ngan f5 tu len citer la. Hahaha. Tapi yang tu aku x nak sentuh la. Hal lama seyh.

Masa f5 memang yang terbaik. Bulan pose semua dak GB lepak kat bilik bacaan. Aku pun dah lupa sape kasi nama GB5 tu. Kalo x silap aku, zuhdi K. Ni la zaman paling sket miss sahur kat skola. Banyak orang yang bole kejut. Hahaha. Masa hari solat hajat perdana, mak ayah dak GB hampir semua x datang. Nak wat camne, dak2 jauh je semua. Memang kitorang dok satu meja ah. Wat pot.

bukak kat DM. memang dah ada meja fixed.hahaha

Ni lak kat p9. bukak ujung minggu.
credit to tukang amek gambar. (aku la tu)

bajet cute je.
g alamanda pas bukak kat p9.

bilik GB5/markas.. packed nak mampos
banyak gler ah mende bes kat skola dulu. patut la orang kata, kalo ada zaman yang ko nak ulang balik, zaman sekolah menengah la salah satunya. Hahahaha. Tersangatlah enjoy

zuhdi sidek datang blaja kul 3 pagi

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have finished reading A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. A very good and fascinating story indeed. I had never finished an English book of that thick in less than five days; even when I have nothing to do at all. This one just took me two days. Had really surprised me. I am, for sure love this book more than the one I read for my own book review. Never to forget, credit to Boost for his benevolence by lending me this book despite he had not finished his book review yet. Sorry for causing so much trouble dude.
I am looking forward for  The Last Song that Syamil promised to give me once he has done his book review.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It has been a very long time since I last posted  an entry. huh. Many thing had happen yet I still found that I have no feeling to write anything in this blog. I just have finished a conference with Azem and Fahim. They were having their sahur at that time. Before that, when I was in Intec, I found a name on a notice board that managed to amuse me. That name was Afiq Fahim Bin Md Yusof. A combination between me, Fahim and Azem. Quite amusing, right? That was the reason why I have had a video conference with them. However, that took me about one hour of my liittle time that I wanted to spend on my assignment. The due date is tomorrow and I started it just after I had finished my class this afternoon. 
This Ramadan is different from the previous one. I will rather say that I wont have rice for my sahur until I reach my hometown. Back in the school before, the school still provided us with the sahur every morning. It is not a big deal. Actually, I enjoyed my sahur here. 
However, I am looking forward to visit my high school, InsyaAllah before hari raya. I will try to finish my dossier earlier even though the time constrain is not applied for most JPA scholars. We have lots more time to complete it compared to another scholars. About a year more. Ahahaha. I am looking forward to go home too. Kinda miss my family. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look at the time. It is 5 in the morning...Hahaha. The proper time to have my sahur(What is sahur in English?Anyone?). I haven't sleep up until now. Guess why? Because I had slept after performing my maghrib until 1 o'clock in the morning. Hey, don't blame me. It was raining here in Shah Alam. The condition was favorable. Hahaha. However, this also meant that I missed my tarawih for this night. Sigh. Should not happen again after this.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I had went to the usapps2010 talk in Klang Valley,specifically said held in Taylor Lakeside campus. About the talk... the first day, it was all about financial aids and common applications for the admission into top universities in US. For most of INTEC students, everything that has connection with money is supported by the sponsors. Maybe not every single thing, but almost everything I think. Easier said, we don't have to and can't take the financial aid. Our sponsors won't allow us to do so. For the admission part, OSSP will handle it for us. Pretty easy right. For today, I was there until one hour before the noon, more or less la. What happen was Aidil Haikal asked me to follow him to the PC fair in KLCC. He wanted to buy  backpack and external hard disk.

on the way to taylor

The night before the the talk, I slept at 3 in the morning. I have had a video conference with Fahim and Azeem. They looked happy and seemed to be enjoying their stay in Tennessee.

I forgot to take the picture earlier
the connection suddenly went bad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My SAT result for today SAT practice test really makes me down. Despite the fact that I've been trying to improve my vocab recently, my result still decreased below my own cut off point. Of course I know that success  is not a fortnight efforts but I just wanted to see a good improvement in my result. Herm...
Yesterday, my friends and I went to have a lunch outside  the campus. At first, we planned to go to Restoran Pak Mal which is in Seksyen 11. Unfortunately, Chubby didn't remember the exact road that we should take. We spent almost 30 minutes wandering around and still we were nowhere near to Pak Mal restaurant. So, we decided to go the nearest place from our position at that time. We ended in one of the restaurant in Seksyen 7. While waiting for the food, my non muslim ask me a simple question. "If I'm not mistaken, you have some restriction about your clothing. I mean how you dress"
I was happy enough to provide him with the answers. It was easy right. Here come the harder part. "So,why some people don't wear tudung?". How can I answer it. I know that he meant no offense. I just smiled and let others to answer it for me. I ain't trying to be bias here. I know that even boys do the same mistake. But still I feel ashamed with it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's lesson was so hard. I don't even have the time to digest what our lecturer said during the lesson. I am in a serious need to learn how to cope with the college life. Maybe I still don't get used with it. Maybe.
I've went to OSSP INTEC thrice today. I am looking for some suitable universities for me. Considering my achievement for the time being, I wont be able to enroll into any Ivies or Ivy League Standard. It is not that I wanted to enroll into those universities so bad but it one of the requirements for any JPA scholars to cut down our preparation from two years to one year. The other requirements are a minimum of 1400 for CR and Math papers, GPA of 3.5 for each semester and a minimum of 100 for TOEFL.Seem to be hard,right? Actually, it is very hard. At least for me. Hahaha. I am beginning to think that they don't have to set such a  high cutoff point since the universities themselves do not offer places for anyone with a lower score.
Herm.. Looking forward for the upcoming Ramadan. It is just a week or so from now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The closing ceremony of INTEC INPRO games was held in the Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam last night. The ceremony took about 3 hours with about 95 percent of the time was spent on the parade. Have to say that this event had change my view on a parade.  Last year, I was one of the committee members of my sport house for the sports day. The qualities that we stressed in that parade were discipline, uniformity and all the good qualities. Here, they seem did not care about the uniformity. I don't know the precise word but I used to call it as 'berterabur'. Haha. Not that I used to,actually I still use that word. The main attraction of the parade, obviously are the performances when they arrived at the center of the stadium. And the best part is i sat at the center. It is just like a 5 stars seat. Lol. Lots of performance. Even Gee and Lady Gaga were there. Haha. The people are creative. I am not saying that the people at my previous school were not creative. But,there we have some restrictions that we need to follow. Back to the topic. The parade was awesome.
I really enjoyed that night. Maybe I did not play any significant role in this INPRO but i don't need to be in there to enjoy it ,right. Unfortunately,ADP lost. For the first time after three consecutive years of winning, we lost. But cheer up guys, we had done the best. Winning is not everything. And these are not a loser's words. We have had our own glory. Good job guys....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

These days seem to be very hectic and messy for me. I have mountain of clothes waiting to be wash,bundles of homeworks to be finish and lots of SAT practices that I want to complete. What a mess. Today, each and every one of the courses that we had had left us with at least one assignments. Hahaha

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Had done the introductory speech on the meaningful object in my life. I chose to talk about the collection of money that I own. The dollars that I painstakingly collected from my friends and juniors. Well, they are really meaningful for me. At first, I think that it is quite a shame to use the money for the presentation. Since I have no other choice, I proceed with it. The happy part was I had made my classmates to promise me that they will give me a note each at the end of this semester. Even Gorden too that seem to be so reluctant at first. I had to admit that I am a persevere person . I will never stop unless I was stopped by something else. Today, Nisaa,my class rep assistant also brought us half of the cake that she baked on her own. Delicious. Thanks for the treat.
Another thing that bugging me is the fact that the p1 wimax is distracting me from doing my work. Haha. It is very hard to do your assignment when the internet is just a click away. Ok, maybe a double click. Even if I intended to use the dictionary software in my laptop, it is very hard to resist the urge. Need to find a way to stop me from surfing the net whenever I use my laptop. I have a lot of assignment waiting to be done and I even don't start them yet. Haiyaaaa

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is a wonderful journey. It is full with a lot of joys..and tears  too. Enjoy our life since insyaAllah we will never have the second chance to live for the second time. But remember, life regardless whom it belong to,need to follow the rules. At least,respect others and know the limit of your choice. You can never choose to kill people because you think that it is your choice. 
Just learn something from a great man. People tend to make a mistake when they have lot of choices. When,you have no choice, you will choose what is left for you. But when the choices are yours, you will easily be trapped by them. Maybe it is hard to understand my words. Bare with it. I'm not that good in English.
Another thing that i realized is the world is full of great people. So many people had inspired me in many ways that sometimes others said it is a ridiculous thing to admire a person for such a reason. Haha. I don't think so. What i wanted to stress here is respect yourself no matter what happen. Think positive. Sometimes, narcissism is not a bad thing 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yeah..Had bought the p1 wimax for our room. The connection is superb. For the time being,we all agreed to proceed with it. However, if there is any problem occur during this trial session,we will for sure terminate the contract and buy a broadband individually. That's the plan.
I've come with a new equation today. Not much of an equation actually. I've found out that money inhibit the same property with water. Lets say you have a bottle of water. You did not closed it properly. The water will flow out for sure and spilled onto the ground. The same property can be applied with money. If you draw the money from the ATM and put them into your wallet, the money will disappear very fast that you will be unable to track them back. So, money is equal to water in a few sense. The equation is money = water if and only if you put them in your pocket. Mine got a hole, a really big one.  Haha.
College life is so different with the school one before. You can't survive without money. It is a great necessity unless you have a kitchen in your room or maybe at least a rice cooker. Hahaha. During school days before, I'd used to keep cool and relax if my pocket is empty. It did bother me a bit but no pressure. But now, it is different.  
Never stick your nose into people's privacy..Learned it just recently. Let them be happy with their own life as long as it will not turn their life upside down. Even if you pity them as your friends,trust me, sometimes people need to learn the hard way. No name mentioned. No offense.
So,life goes on, again. Intec is holding the INPRO right now. A few games had finished and some more are in the waiting list. The official closing ceremony will take place this upcoming Saturday. Of course I'm hoping that ADFP will become the champion again. Although I must say that I don't play any important part in this INPRO, no participation at all. Just a side-viewer only. Hahaha.
We are turning Mull's room into a free cybercafe. Hahaha. No charge at all. They get a high speed internet connection from an unknown wi-fi. Thank god that this generous person allow us to use the connection.
I've borrowed the Cracking SAT book from Yusri Jamaludin,my very own classmate. This book somehow boost my spirit. It will be a good start for me. I've learned a lot of useful strategies from this book. I'm planning to use the flash card to build my vocab. I think 18 words daily will be enough for my SAT. Just hoping that the spirit will last at least after my SAT. The longer the better of course.
We are planning to buy a p1 wimax in the nearest time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hahaha. Day after day had passed in this suburban of seksyen 6. Yeah, the same food,makan dik bungkus with ikan keli and kangkung belacan. So boring. But the choice is never mine. I had to cut down my expenses since the PROMISED claim money from 'someone'(or maybe I shuld say sameplace) seem to be a dream. Yet, I had spent about 10 ringgit per day lately, which i regretted every night but no action was taken. Hahaha.
Every Wednesday, the student of ATU 17 will have the SAT practice for the upcoming real test in early of Oct. Two tests had passed and my results are not showing a good omen( I just learned this word). Aiming for the ivy league is such a dream since I barely exceed the minimum cut off point for JPA which is 1000. Despite the rumor that I heard about ADFP which is so said as All Day Fun and Play, the reality is not that sweet. SAT real exam is just 10 more weeks from now and i did not see that I am in the right path.
The other thing that burden my mind is all my classmates are so damn good in English that I think I did not deserved to be in Austin. Yeah,they are fun  but the fact that I'm not in the same level with them make me feel uncomfortable. I've been trying to look at the bright side. I should learn from them. I'll try.
Let's face it. I am lucky enough that JPA's cut off point is not that high compared to Khazanah and BNM. Haha. I'm not saying that my life in INTEC is very miserable. In fact, I've learn so many new things in just a few weeks since I'd registered. I should learn to see things from the bright side and don't take everything too hard..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My friends once asked me, "best ke blogging?". Hahaha. It depends on the person la. He also asked me, "apa faedahnya? Ko tulis pasal diri ko pastu kasi semua orang baca." Haha. I dont have the answer here. As long as it is not a sensitive issue, it will be fine with me. Hahaha. A few months ago, i started blogging because I want to get rid of my leisure time. Then, I think that it will be better if I use it to strengthen my english. That's why I do write in English even though it is harder to express my feeling here. Yeah, it is much much harder.
Lets forget about it. I had reached Cendana after a 45 minutes ride in Kenari. That car was rented by Daus and the Puncak Alam's gang. They are planning to go somewhere and had fun for the next 24 hours. I wonder what will happen if  i am there. Will i be in the same car and had all the fun with them...Sigh. I am missing them already. Hahaha.
I am planning to get a P1 wimax as soon as everybody in my house got their own laptop. It will be easier for us to surf the internet. Right now, Cendana dont have any wireless connection and the LAN cable is not working. 

Dont think that i had anything to write in the nearest time
 plus i will be quite busy after this
Here I am in Puncak Alam visiting my friends. Hahaha. My old campus. I had a new campus now. UiTM campus seksyen 17. I had just finished the MMS in Intec. Yeah, once again. But with the number of students of about 800 plus, the whole registration just take about half a day. Much shorter than the previous one. But the batch in Puncak Alam nearly reach 2800 students. We also have some LDK here.  Therefore, I must say that they deserve us some salutations. All the PMs for the MMS. wee ~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alhamdulillah. Had finished all the tedious procedures on time. Hahaha. Hope that I dont have to go through this nonsense anymore(although it will just remain a hope). Lots of thanks I wished to the dedicated nurse at the  Hospital Tengku Anis. Although I just intended to get a cheaper mantoux test at RM 5 (which will cost me RM 90 at a private hospital), they had done a great help by asking one of the doctor to do a medical checkup for me. Yeah,had save me my time and of course my money too.
Overall,taking into account the previous blood and urine test at the private, I had spent a sum of RM 280 for the checkup. Sigh, Nawawi just spent 142 ringgit for all the checkup at a private hospital. Hahaha. I did doubled up the amount there.But once again, thank god. I did finished it. wee ~

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little bit busy this week. Not that much busy till I done have time blogging but actually had nothing to write.Herm ~
Procrastination is a thief of time. Hahaha. I had to admit that I had learn the lesson here. My mom was mad because I  did spent too much time at Puncak Alam before I came home. Now, i had some problem regarding my medical check up. Till this very second, I am not sure when will I finish it. I am just hoping that I will be able to do it before the 2nd may. If not, I need to have some strong reasons for JPA. Hahaha
However, I do not think that all the time that i spent at Puncak Alam is a procrastination. I had all the reassons why I said so. Need not to justify them here. Just wanted to express my feeling.

Hoping that the time will move faster
Too much of leisure time will rust my mind
and my heart too

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hanging out at the Sunway Pyramid with my friends. Love them very much

just a little bit more boss

wow. the management should banned me from entering chicken hartz. 
way to go qlate. Hehe.

1st round...what a waste. Haha. The lasagna was not good enough for them

2nd round. Should ask the worker there not to clean our table. I think even us will be surprised to see the plates. Haha


Bowling time. I did manage to do a spare twice. 
But most of the time, the ball did end up in the 'longkang'. Hehehe. 

That was on saturday. Such a great time indeed. Then, on the monday, Paan and I skipped the classes and had a walk in the uitm. Last memory bro..

see. that's why i said that if i spend one year at Puncak Alam,
I will achieve my target. 
Just seeing the stairs make me feel exhausted

this picture is taken at the FPTP
~16 and a half floor from the ground~

Then..I should say farewell to uitm puncak alam.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Have arrived home at the dawn. Its been about two weeks or so since the vandys departed to US but I just got the chance to upload this photos. Hope that I am not that late. huhuhu
Therefore, meet the vandy boyz.....

Abdul Fahim Bin Fauzi

 Muhammad Azeem bin Md Yusof

Azman Bin Sampol

Azizi Bin Azizan Khamat

From left: Azman, Azeem, Me, Fahim, Azizi

Weeee ~.This picture is making me jealous


Hope all of you will be fine there. No more mom's ketupat and lemang for this coming eid.

p/s: I still have gazillion pictures waiting to be upload 
but my internet connection does turned me down.
So later...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Had celebrated my last night as a student of UiTM Puncak Alam with my friends. It was just a dinner in the Rafflesia college,just like any other dinner that we had before. But it does bring a lot of meanings for me. Lets cut it short. I wanted to thank all of my friends for all the wonderful moments we spent here. All of them do mean a lot. Study smart and take care. I will try my best to pay all of you a visit once in a month. Lets strive for a better future.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

InsyaAllah today is my sencond last day in Uitm Puncak Alam. I am planning to take a bus home from Klang Sentral tomorrow's night. Although I had spent just one month here, this place had became so familiar with me and I think that I will miss this place and for sure the people inside it.huhu
Yesterday, Paan asked me to accompany him to Putrajaya. He said that he wanted to meet the teachers at SAS. The bad news is Pojan had told me that the journey to Putrajaya painstakingly took about four hours if we travel by public transports. We took the bus to Shah Alam, called zuhdi K and asked him to drop us at KTM Shah Alam, took the train to Serdang and once again a bus to Putrajaya. Yeah, the whole journey did took more than 4 hours.
To minimize the duration of our journey back to Puncak Alam,we took a bus to Putrajaya sentral, board the erl and took a bus to Shah Alam. Here come the problem. Yesterday was a weekday and it was 6 pm. The time taken to reach Shah alam doubled up to one and a half hour. Then we had to wait for the bus to Puncak Alam. Seriously, waiting for something that we did not sure is a pain in the ass. We ended up there for roughly one and a half hour(again).
Of the whole 13 hours that we had out of Puncak Alam yesterday, we spent 9 hours for traveling with the public transport!! Just dont know what to say anymore

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still in UiTM Puncak Alam. I had so many plans in my head and Alhamdulillah I had managed to accomplish most of them. I had bought my own laptop yesterday. Toshiba Satellite L510. Cost me nearly RM 2 K which will make me 'botak kepala' after this. But overall I am satisfied with this model. And the most important thing is I can do my work easily.Lets not defined what is the meaning of the 'work'. Hahaha.
And today I had spent the whole day with my friends. The original plan is to move from UiTM at 8.30 am. Watch movie at Klang Parade. Then play bowling and karaoke at central point. But, as I had expected earlier,the plan will never go smoothly. We moved from UiTM at 12 pm which is 3 and a half hours late. Then we took a bus to Sunway Pyramid. No movie. Just a 'melantak' at Chicken Hartz. Costs 24 ringgit per person. Spent more than one hour .But, it is the best. I will remember it even if I had turn 70 one day. InsyaAllah.  Hahaha.
Then, we played bowling at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Paid for two games but unfortunately, I had to come back earlier to UiTM. I had promised to give most of my things to my uncle so that i dont have to take it home with me. Didnt manage to finish even one game. Huhuhu. But had a very good lesson today. Please be familiar with your own place so that it will make your day easier. The journey should take less than one hour. But, since we were LOST, it had became two hours. Hahaha. I still had a few plan for this week and I am very determined to finish all of them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It had been a few days since the vandy boys had departed to US. I want to upload their picture but my phone's cable was lost and I dont know how to use the bluetooth application for the laptop(so noob).Hahaha. Therefore lets just wait until i get a new cable for my phone. I was very excited to see all of them at KLIA on that day. Azeem, Azizi, Azman and Fahim.
Somehow,my enthusiasm to go to US come back after i look back at the photo of them in KLIA. It seem to be very exciting. Just seeing their status at the facebook make me envy them. Haha. I hope that one day i could be at the same place waiting for my own flight to depart rather than just seeing other people fly to all over the world. Therefore, I had decided to accept the offer by JPA. I will try my best to excel there since the competition will be much stiffer. Hope that I will never get carried with all the nonsense things where ever I am.
 For the time being, i am planning to spend rest of my time here hanging out with my friends. If there is any more reason why i hesitate to accept the jpa offer,it will be them. It is hard to leave them here after so much time spent every day. Even though Paan and Zhahir received the same offer with me, it will never be the same anymore. But, we all had to sacrifice to gain success in our life. Just hope that it will bring us more joys in our future. InsyaAllah.
This saturday, I am planning to buy a laptop at Low Yat. InsyaAllah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Had receive an offer from JPA for the PILN program. Alhamdulillah. It was an offer for American Credit Transfer Program(ACTP) at Intec for 2 years and insyaAllah in US for another two or three years. Rationally it is a chance that only fools will decline. However, after i had been rejected by JPA three weeks ago, I felt quite sad. After a week or so at this uitm, I think that it will be better for me if i am accepted for the pidn program. I had successfully overcome the disappointment. I dont think about the piln at all since i was rejected. Even though i had ask for an appeal, I dont think that I have any slight chance to obtain the offer. I had set my mind that I will just pursue my study locally. Plus all the conversation that I had with some people after I had been rejected,I just dont have the same enthusiasm as before. How can I describe it.... I dont feel the excitement that I think i will have if I was accepted earlier. For the time being, InsyaAllah I will accept the offer. It was such a rare opportunity.
However, i do appreciate if anyone that have any information about this program do tell me some detail about it. It will be a very big favor for me.Thanks

Thursday, June 10, 2010

KLIA jom!!!

Is currently having problem with the lab report. Unable to finish it since i dont even start it yet. Haha. Plus all the distractions that I have.Facebook, blogging and etc... I think it will take a much longer time to finish it. I have the determination to finish it. I have done a few research about the topic. i even went to the library earlier today. Unfortunately the book that i look for does not even exist in this campus. Actually, I am having a shortage of the information that I MAYBE needed to finish it. Therefore,lets just forget about the report for a moment. Haha. I am looking forward to meet the vandy student-to-be. They will depart on the Saturday, June 12th at 3 pm local time. So, my friends and I are planning to meet them before the flight take off. I have to wait at least another four years to meet them. I dont even think that I will recognize them at that moment. Haha. InsyaAllah I will be at the KLIA before 11 am on that day. I heard that many of my friends will be there on that day. InsyaAllah it will be a small reunion of fighters 0509 at KLIA.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sejak masuk u, hari2 aku kena kira brape banyak duit aku blanja. Kalo nak makan tak leh lebih sepuluh ringgit sehari. Kalo nak belanja member makan pun dah pikir banyak kali. Tak macam dulu lah. Kalo dulu, nak blanja mamber tak pernah pikir panjang. Pastu,sekarang ni kalo nak makan pun cari kedai yang paling murah.Kalo ada kedai yang offer lunch bawah 4 ringgit, memang tu je la kedai yang kitorang g makan.Hahaha Tak cukup ngan duit makan, harga buku lak mahal2 je. haish... Pastu, kalo bole lecturer nak kitorang ada laptop. Aku pun setuju gak. Sebab senang sket nak wat assignmwent,tutorial ngan mastering subjek2. Tapi ongkos tu la yang jadi hal. Kalo laptop tu harga seratus dua takpe gak. Bole je nak beli bila2. Ni haram ah mahal. Pendek kata, kena saving la kalo nak idup kat sini. InsyaAllah aku cuba sedaya upaya nak jimat sebab aku tahu duit ni bukan senang nak dapat kan.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Peerjalanan mencari ilmu telah pun bermula. Aku dah 8 hari dah kat uitm (plus minus la). Overall, aku puas hati gak ah ngan uitm nie.Yang tak berapa bez nyer fakulti ngan kolej jauh haram. Kena naek turun tangga banyak sebab kat sini area bukit. Dah la rumah pun kat tingkat tujuh. Dok sini setahun kalo berat aku tak turun2 gak, memang sah aku tak leh kurus. Hahahaha. Kat sini budak sekolah dulu pun ramai. So,aku xde la bosan sangat. Plus housemates pun semua ok. InsyaAllah aku boleh berjaya kat sini. Just kena jaga attitude dan jangan hanyut je la.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Not my day (again)

First of all, congrats kepada sume fighters 0509 yang dapat tawaran untuk persediaan ke luar negara dengan tajaan JPA, MARA dan sebagainya. Korang semua hebat. Wee~~~. Aku bangga ngan korang sume. Then,aku x dapat pun offer daripada JPA. Aku still akan wat rayuan sebab ada lagi harapan untuk aku di sana. Mungkin. Sape yang taw kan. Mula2 tu tak rasa pun tak dapat JPA. Sebab nak gi shpping for UiTM. Then bila balik ke rumah pojan,feeling tu datang ah sket2. Kalo dah alone tu,rasa tersangatlah down. Mungkin aku pernah cakap kat kawan2 aku yang aku mungkin tak terjejas kalo aku x dapat JPA. Tapi, I'm still a human. Aku tak leh elak daripada perasaan tuh. Aku jealous ngan sape yang dapat offer tu. Just jealous. Bukan kata aku tak bangga ngan diorang. Aku bangga. Diorang ni a part of me. Tapi sebab aku ni masih lagi manusia,aku nak gak rasa apa kejayaan yang mereka dapat. Tapi,memang dah tercatat di suratan takdir,aku tak layak. Dalam masa beberapa hari ni InsyaAllah aku boleh overcome perasaan down tu. Well, here I am, in Klang. Two more days for the registration day. Nampak gaya macam UiTM tu memang dah takdir aku. Tak leh lari dari sana lah nampaknya. Huhuhu. Allah,please give me guidance.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hari ni 16 Mei dan juga hari Guru yang disambut oleh semua guru serta warga pendidik di Malaysia. Oleh itu,saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk megucapkan selamat hari guru kepada semua guru di Malaysia amnya dan guru guru SK Banggol Pa' esah, SK Kamil 3 dan SAS Putrajaya.

So hari tu berpeluang la melawat ke sekolah rendah plak selepas banyak kali ke SAS tahun ni. Rupa rupanya cikgu cikgu sekolah tu masih ingat aku walaupun dah 6 tahun berlalu. Aku plak yang segan sebab aku yang lupa nama nama cikgu tersebut. Sorry cikgu. Aku sempat la berborak ngan ramai cikgu2 yang mengajar aku dulu. Macam2 cerita lama yang x terlintas pun dalam memori aku disebut sebut. Ni lah antara salah satu yang aku respect ngan golongan cikgu ni. Memory superb giler. Aku kalo x jumpa member dua tiga tahun mahu samar2 gak diorang dalam ingatan aku. Seronok dan sayu pulak bila berjumpa ngan cikgu math aku, Cg Mat Zu

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aku dah makin tak faham ngan keinginan aku. Kalo nak diikutkan, aku sangat menginginkan biasiswa yang dapat membawa aku ke luar negara. Tapi tu dulu. Makin lama,perasaan tu makin tawar dan tak membara dalam hati aku. Aku rasa kalau belajar kat dalam Malaysia pun not bad gak. Tapi aku nak biasiswa tu. Kalau nak guna duit sendiri nak belajar, boleh pengsan mak bapak aku nak pikir pasal duit nih. Maknanya apa yang penting pengajianku ditaja. Tapi oversea ni pun cam best.

Entah la. Mungkin bila result JPA diumumkan dalam masa beberapa hari ni,aku akan dapat jawapan untuk perasaan aku nih. Kalo aku x dapat,aku akan teruskan je blaja kat UiTM. Which aku rasa insyaAllah fun sebab aku akan melepak ngan ramai member aku kat sana. Kalo aku dapat, insyaAllah aku terima despite perasaan bersalah aku sebab dah terlalu banyak menabur janji untuk bersama dengan sahabat2 aku yang berhajat nak gi UiTM ngan aku. Ya, sebenarnya aku dihambat rasa bersalah ngan janji2 aku yang aku dah buat. Camne kalo aku tak mampu nak tunaikan. Akankah renggang persahabatan yang terbina asbab kelalaian aku dalam melebatkan suasana hinggakan aku x sedar yang aku hanya insan yang lemah? Apapun, ianya akan ditentukan dalam masa beberapa hari ni.

Ya Allah,berikanlah aku apa yang terbaik buat diriku walaupun aku mungkin tak menyedarinya dan tak menyukainya.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sigh... I cant wait to pursue my studies. Masalah dah makin banyak dah dalam kepala ni. The only solution yang de dalam kepala ni, g study cepat2. Tak nampak ah masalah kat depan mata lagi. Huhuhu

Sorry guys

Damn ah. Sejak kebelakangan ni aku jumpa ah member2 zaman sekolah rendah dulu. Disebabkan aku masuk sekolah masa umur 6 tahun, aku blaja kat darjah 6 dua tahun la. So,aku idup ngan dua batch. Batch tahun 03 ngan batch tahun 04. Cuti u plak dah start. Jadi makin banyak lah aku jumpa member aku. Yang wat aku sedey, aku ni tak leh ingat nama diorang. Even muka pun aku dah tak cam. Disebabkan mangat nak connect balik ngan diorang, aku search la kat fb. Tapi nama diorang aku x ingat la. Brape kerat je yang aku ingat nama penuh. Adoiiii.

Dapat ah cari sket2. Tapi bila ada yang add aku,aku pulak yang blank. Xial la. Harap2 gila dapat ingat balik diorang. Bukan sebab pe, banyak gak la pengalaman and memory aku ngan diorang. Ngan dua2 batch la. Adoy.. Lagi lah aku berharap x lupa budak sas. Tolong ah jangan lost contact. Guna lah pape pun, Fb ke, twitter ke. Yang penting, x lost contact. Aku kalo dah 2 3 tahun x contact, da bole lupa orang dah. Bukan sengaja weh. Dah memang otak aku x cukup kuat. Huhuhu

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pkul 4 suku pagi tadi sampai umah. Pancit hardcore weh. Aku tido je kat atas bas tu. Lom tido tu, borak ngan makcik yang duk kat sebelah aku. Dia baru balik dari rumah anak dia kat Putrajaya. Bangga giler ah dia ngan anak dia. Ye la. Sume dah berjaya. Orang kata sejuk perut mak mengandung lama2. Hahaha. Tu bangga yang terucap. Banyak agi yang aku rasa tak terucap olehnya. Kalo nak ikutkan,semua ibu bapa bangga ngan anak2 dia selagi mereka tu jadi manusia.

Yang jadi pancit hardcore sebab lepak kat Midvalley sorang2. Plus minus 7 jam la. Hahaha. Tengok IP Man 2 sorang2. Pastu ese call. Aku ni kalo dah jawab call, x reti nak cakap slow2. Brader kat depan tu dah panas giler ngan aku. Sori ah ese  x leh lepak nygan ko. Tak sempat bro. Dah janji ngan mak aku nak balik awal. Pastu lepak kat MPH lak. Tenggelam ngan buku2 kat sana plak. Bez doe. Kalo ada duit, sumpah aku dah angkat banyak. Masyuk weiii.

Dok 7 jam kat Midvalley tu xde la seperit yang disangka. Kalo nak tenangkan otak tu, mantap ah. Nak cari buku ke. Leh survey lama2. Kalo tak,rushing je keje.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dah 3hari dah aku sampai kat Putrajaya and hari ni aku dah nak balik..A very wonderful and memorable journey for me. Aku sampai kat Putrajaya ngan Engku faris setaAzeem Yusof,orang hebat Vandy sebab aku datang pun memang aku nak teman dia gi jalan jalan. Mana la taw x sempat nak antar dia nek flight.
First day tu,aku g tengok citer When In Rome. Citer ni sumpah kelakar habis ah. Lepak2 ngan zuhdi kamardin,aidil haikal,zulhasri,engku faris. Bez gila siod. Pastu malam tu plak teman azeem g berjambu.weeee~~~~. Borak2 pasal masa depan.
Esoknya, aku kena teman azeem agi gi jumpa cikgu plak. Hahaha. Segan gak ah aku. Azeem ngan Azizi dah la gi US. Aku local je pun. Hahaha. Papepun aku dapat banyak la maklumat berguna. Thanks a lot buat guru2 alam shah. And then kelam kabut g alamanda nak tengok Iron Man plak. on the way g alam 2 tumpang ah amir . Yang kelakarnya, kitorang dok berimpit empat orang kat belakang, pastu yang kat depan plak x pakai seatbelt. Stiker P pun tak letak. Then jumpa plak polis kat alam.herrmmmmm. Memang mantap ah. Kelam kabut giler aku turun kereta. Hahaha. Malam tu plak g dinner ngan cikgu fadzil ngan abang rashid. Makan mantap punya. Sumpah aku kenyang giler.
Aku sedey la plak tak leh antar azeem g JPA pagi tadi. Kalo x leh antar dia nek flight nanti,kira xde ah aku terkilan sangat. Huhuhu. Pastu for the first time in my life,aku bawak motor. Hahaha. Motor Man Dahi plak tu. Thanks Man. Kalo aku datang Putrajaya, mesti ada dua orang yang akan teman aku kat sini. Man dahi ngan Aidil haikal. Sweet gler ar wehhh

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tribute for them

Ramai antara kita dikenali disebabkan kehebatan kita tak kiralah dalam apa2 bidang sekalipun. Namun aku berasa terpanggil nak mengekspresikan rasa kagum aku ngan insan insan hebat yang aku kenali bukan sebab kejayaan mereka tetapi ketabahan mereka.

Jujurnya,aku rasa tak puas hati ngan result spm sebelum ni. Kadang2 timbul rasa cemburu ngan mereka yang lebih berjaya. Bila dah dapat offer pulak,pening nak pilih antara matriks ngan asasi. Tapi tu perkara biasa sebab kita ada pilihan. Aku tak menafikannya. Wajarlah kita pilih yang terbaik untuk diri kita. Dan wajarlah kita mahu dapat lebih baik dari apa yang ada. Itu naluri manusia

Tapi aku memandang tinggi pada mereka yang dapat menghadapi kegagalan tanpa banyak kerenah. Bukan sebab  mereka layak untuk gagal. Bahkan mereka lebih layak mencapai kejayaan berbanding dengan mereka yang tak berusaha. Tapi sudah bukan rezeki mereka. Apabila orang lain pening dengan tawaran ipt yang menimbun, mereka pula pening mana nak dicari ipt yang sanggup menerima mereka. Tetapi mereka masih boleh menasihati dan memberi pandangan kepada yang berjaya. Mereka masih lagi boleh mengucapkan tahniah dan menunjukkan rasa seronok mereka dengan kejayaan orang lain.

Mereka ini juga insan insan yang hebat walaupun tidak dipandang masyarakat. Seperti yang pernah diutarakan kat post dulu,masyarakat lebih memandang mereka yang hebat dalam bidang akademik berbanding bidang lain. Walau apapun rezeki Allah ada di mana mana, terpulang kepada kita untuk mencarinya. For me guys, you are the best

tukar plan


Hari ni result UPU dah keluar and alhamdulillah,aku ditawarkan ke program asasi kejuruteraan kat uitm. So,aku dapat la reset balik aku nyer plan untuk matrik. Aku ada masa lagi untuk pilih antara matriks ngan asasi. Biarkan dululah yang tu. Nak fikir lu mana yang lagi baik. Thanks to Man Dahi sebab sekali ngan aku pening nak pilih mana satu sekarang.

Aku rasa tak cukup lambat lagi nak congrats kat farid ngan Ajoy sebab dapat offer g jepun bawah tajaan jpa. All the best guys.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Waktu ngah men facebook pagi tadi, i've came across one of my freind's status. It hit my head very hard even though this topic had been discussed again and again.

Qaiyyum :our education system ,as well as science in general,tends to neglect the non-verbal form of intellect.what it comes down to is that modern society discriminates people with the dominance in right hemisphere of the brain

Shahir: couldn't agree more...=)

farid:jap2.non verbal form of intellect?what does that mean?is it the government puts more weigh in the development of verbal form of where does the claim 'malaysia's eduacation system is rather exam-based and more 2 therotical and less practical'.?im juz saying.shahir u r the debater here.please clarify.=)

Qaiyyum:what i mean is the individual with the dominance in left side of the brain tends to do well in school but often failed to develop their creative capacities,while individuals who are right-hemisphere dominant often fee guilty for the way they think and are frequently mislabeled as 'learning disabled'

Shahir: farid, non-verbal intellect is like EQ, soft skills or special talents. to be clearer, its like solving problems or analysing information using visual aids or hands-on information. what the education system does today is making us robots or parrots, memorising facts without even applying it, thus making our education system exam-oriented. So, what Qaiyyum is trying to say is that people whom their right hemisphere brain dominates the other tends to be discriminated. A clear example is the selection 4 scholarhips ie, Biasiswa National. They're chosen solely based on academics (SPM), not the ability of problem solving. r u clear on that farid?


The conversation went longer but I dont think it is important to be put in this post. Qaiyyum,aku pinjam eh. Sori x sound. Menarik minat la