Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am interested in a newspaper article that I had read this morning. The writer wrote about punishing those so-called negligent parents who caused the death of their children. I can agree no more that, as parents, they need to be a lot more cautious especially when dealing with kids younger than three years old. No mistake should be done cause it can harm the lives of the kids. 
However, no matter cautious one can be, there is always a chance that thing may go wrong. It is not that I am wishing something bad. Ideally, nobody want to do a mistake. Realistically, we all do a lot of mistakes at some points in our lives. Punishing those parents who had already lost their child will not do any good. Punishments are made to scared people so that they do not disobey the law. Drug dealers are punished with a life sentence so that no one will become a drug dealer, so that when one is about to sell a drug, they will think of the consequences. 
However, no one in his or her right mind will do something that are harmful to his or her child when he or she is aware of the consequences. Nobody will lock his or her car, walk away and then remember that he or she will be punished if his or hr child die. The loss is already a severe punishment for most of us. Little, if any, people will think about punishments in this situation. Furthermore, it is already heart-wrenching to lose a child. There is no need to put salt onto a bleeding wound

Friday, May 20, 2011

Atusa Election poster

a childish one, may I say. Credit to Zairul
Credit to Syamil Sani. My friend sent his warm regard.
It's cool.
Credit to Yusri Jamaluddin. and, my friend sent you a warm regard too.
 "You are awesome," said he, and me too C=

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

  • " Blaja rerajin, ko 2 pandai. Jgn sia-siakan hidup ko. jangan lupakan aku"
  • " Jangan malas, sweat x bermaksud rajin "
  • "kita ibarat cam wau kat sebelah, dh putus tali n terbang dibawa angin.
    Kita? sama cam wau...bawak haluan kita xkan putus cam tali wau...
    always remember u... C:"
  • " Be yourself, be independent"
  • "Kw org, kawan, awek paling best pernah aku ada"
I am motivated.. Thanks guys

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The results for our Spring semester were released this morning. It was pretty fast, considering that we have just finished our examination last week. And I was quite nervous actually. I knew that I screw my final paper for Calculus 1. And, other subjects were not that great. So, long story cut short. I got 3.14 for this semester and my cgpa is 3.19. Not that good but acceptable. Be thankful, Afiq

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking back at my past, I feel bad. I tried, or I thought so, to maintain the relationships between me and my friends. I think I failed. I have not catch up with lots of my friends. I do not know many details about them. Where are they studying? What are they studying? I feel so bad. I have once listen to a talk that we did not choose our friends. Most of us befriend with each others because we are stuck with them. We are working at the same place; we are studying at the same place; we are doing the same thing. It is because we have a common ground. Once we lost the common ground, once we choose our own path, it will never be the same again. I do not want to believe him. I honor a friendship so much that I don't want to accept his belief. But then, I began to feel that it is the reality.
When we are moving on, we may feel bounded to our memory. We always think that we want to be with those people from our past. Then, we start to make new friends. We have new faces on our Facebook. We start to comment on their statuses. We know what are happening to them. We may want to do the same with our so-called old friends. But we have no idea about what they are talking about. They are laughing but we are not around them. So, we don't understand the humors. We started to look less at their status and everything. And the rest is clear enough already.
Or maybe even worse, Facebook start to make a friendship easier. "Ouh, I haven't catch up with him  for a long time." We scroll down his or her wall, looking for the posts made by him or her and others. We look at their photos. "So, now he has a girlfriend." " Ouh, she has had a vacation to Kelantan. I wasn't there at that time. Too bad." We know a little bit of his or her current life. So, why bother to meet or even to call for a catch up?
Or, this maybe happened too. We thought that they are happy with their lives now. So, it is okay for us to keep a distance.
I don't say that all of these are happening to me. Nor am I denying that some of these are related to me. My friend, shahir yasin posted on my wall last friday. "ko dah lame x tego aku kan." I felt so bad. Yeah. It is true. I have not talk to him for a very long time. My bad.
I will try much harder to bring all those memories back. We may not see each others much. In fact, we did not see each other at all. But, I will try to catch up with all of you.