Saturday, June 25, 2011

Salam...These past 11 months have been a wonderful part of my life.I have so much fun with all these great people of ADFP. Before I continue blabbering about those experiences, I would like to say that some of my friends told me that I am gaining weight these past few months. Truth to be told, I am conscious about it. Maybe I should try do something about it later. Maybe


It is a lot of difference right. Better do something...hahaha

Back to the business. So, I would like to share some of the great moments I have during my foundation in INTEC. These are some random pictures...OK.not so random

These are the pictures when I first started in INTEC. 

Makan makan ikan bakar di Klang

Trip ke Taiping (3, 4, 5 Jun)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi there..
I have restrained myself for quite a long time from posting anything in this blog. Partly it is due to the reason that I want to make a special post for all the activities, hangouts, trips and whatever things I have had during this summer. However, as a self-reminder, I think it is appropriate for me to have this single post for the time being.
During my high school, I was called with many kinds of names and labels (label may seem too negative a word but i don't know any other term. So, forgive my inadequacy). One of them was " nak menang, ambik!" My friends frequently tell me that I always want to win. Be it a small talk or a big argument, I always want to win. I do care about that label and it always managed to shut me up whenever I was talking. And I must say that it has been a long time since my friend call me that. At least, it stop after our graduation from high school.
Somehow, I bring the label together to Intec with me. My friend here also said that I want to win every time we talk. I may have the disposition to not conform with others. In fact, it has always been a pleasure to have a small debate every now and then. However, too much of an attitude is always a problem. People don't like others opposing them. It is a fact and now, I am feeling the effect.
I have had a conversation with my friend, Fawzan, about this. He told me that I have to learn to keep things inside and not to let everything out. I need to control my disposition and learn to follow the flow. It is important to have our own opinion but find a right time to say it out. As a reminder to myself, please shut you mouth and listen to others too.