Friday, January 28, 2011

Salam... and hi there.
Happy Chinese New Year for all. I've been quite busy these days that I actually found out that I was no longer in a mood to update my blog. However, here I am. Since it is the beginning of our one-week holiday, I am taking this opportunity to update my blog that started to look so old. Lol. I have one story to say today. I've been taking bus for three times today. And all the three bus departed in a five-minute time after I boarded them. I guess I am lucky today. But I was not going to talk about luck today . There were a massive number of people in the bus. We, the people who stand, just can barely move ourselves.
Sometimes I was one of the people who has to wait for an hour in the bus before it departed. Sometimes, I boarded the bus, slept for a while and woke up just to see that the bus was still there. The only difference is the number of people in the bus had just grown a bit. Make some guess. What's the point of me telling this story? Think of it this way. Those days, some people were lucky at the expense of me spending an hour in the bus. Today, I may be the one who is lucky at the expense of other people waiting for an hour in the bus.
Life is just like a wheel. sometimes, we are just the luckiest people in the world. Everything that we do ends up successfully. We are happy. Sometimes, we may say that luck is just not on our side. It was a very bad day for us. We are sad.
This even today has given me some new insight on things that happen around us. Don't be sad if something bad happen and don't be too happy if things are not happening in the way that we want.
I am spending my holiday here in Shah Alam. Not going home.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is a learning process. I've learnt a lot of new things in these past few days. Be positive and we can embrace more things in our life. I hope that I can continue with this spirit foe the whole semester.
This sem seems to be a very hectic one. Frankly, it is a hectic one. So many things to do in a very short time. Yet, I enjoyed my time being a student here. As i said, Be positive.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year, a new semester and a new start. Yeah. Its 2011 already. I've been away from blogging, facebooking and any internet-related stuffs for weeks. I've updated my windows despite knowing the ingenuity of my windows. So, as the consequence, my laptop can't even load the windows. Sigh. What a problem. It may be a positive things since I didn't waste my time in front of the laptop. But, I have a lot of works to do this semester. Therefore, despite the disadvantages that may come along, having a laptop has become a new necessity for me . Now, I'm counting on Farhan to format my laptop. Thanks an.
Yeah, 2011. No new dreams. Just old ones that still labeled 'in progress'. This year, I can say that "InsyaAllah I will fly next year". Before, I will say that it is in a two-year time which seems to be a very long period for me. Next year is not that far away compared to next two years, right? Lol. Still, some of us will be flying this August. So, good luck guys. Being in a foreign country is not as easy as we think. The challenges that await us in the future are very big - and very hard too. fuhh... Keep praying for help from Allah. InsyaAllah it will be much easier.