Tuesday, February 22, 2011

During my high school, my add math teacher once said that she used mathematics in many part of her life. But of course i didn't agree. Who will measure the angle of his or her knee while busy hiking? Me? Of course not. But now, the truth is just laid in front of my eyes. My calculus lecturer gave us a motivational talk about critical points, chaos theory and butterfly effects. He related all those stuffs with graph. Awesome.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few days had passed since the end of CNY holidays. It seems like all those good dreams had come to the end. Now, it's all about assignment, load of works and tests. Before that, let's take a look on what I've done during the holiday.
Nothing much actually. I spent a lot of time loitering around with some of my friends. Aidil also came to Cendana to spend some time with me but he ended up finishing his university application here. This guy always does works at the very last minute. Luckily, he is a genius. Of course it is easy for him to complete the application in a short time.
Then, I went for skytrex in Camar Rimba, Shah Alam on Feb 6th with another 9 friends. Just in Seksyen 8 actually. It was fun. Worth the fee paid but most of us feel that it was not enough. Maybe we can go for bungee jumping or maybe paint ball next time. However, that depends a lot on our expenditure for this semester and also the summer semester. I heard that most of the money will be used up during the free time of summer sem. Let's hope for the opposite. Need to save some money for other things too

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why bother?

I am literally the only survivor from the forth floor in this college now. That is not an exaggeration. However, since there is only 24 persons in a floor, there is nothing unusual. Adfp block is always empty at the eve of any holiday. being alone is just a parcel of my life. That is an exaggeration. 
So, nothing much to write here actually. I've attended a counseling camp in Camar Rimba, Shah Alam. I was one of the lucky thirty-nine participants that attend the camp. It was fun. I enjoyed myself there. I also had a chance to chat with our instructor. There, he talked about the importance of having a brand. People know us by seeing our brand. Where are we from, who are we know, etc... Those are the branding that we have with us all the time. So, I asked him. Why bother? Why bother to impress people? In the end, people will always badmouth others. If you do a bad thing, people will obviously judge you as a bad person. If you do a god thing, people will say that you are showing off. So, why bother to even think about other's impressions. They will never satisfied. Why bother?
He satisfied my hunger for an explanation. That bring us to another topic. I found out that I am inclined to psychological and neurological thingy now. I hope that I can take at least one of them as my minor in my degree. It is fun to know about human behavior:how human think, how human act, etc...