Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cheating wont get us anywhere. Trust me

Monday, August 27, 2012

As I set my feet in KLIA, I was already aware that these three years would most unlikely be easy
As I set my feet in Troy, I knew that I have my own aims and dreams that I would like to achieve..
Therefore, comes hell or high water, I would strive my best, biiznillah. Pray for me mates

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sahabat, pengislahan itu bermula dengan diri kita.
Barulah kita berusaha mengislahkan orang di sekeliling kita.
Bersama-sama bergerak mencari keredhaan Illahi.
Amatlah tidak wajar jika kita rasa kita sibuk menyelamatkan orang lain tetapi
pada masa yang sama kita mencampakkan diri kita ke dalam lembah kecelakaan
Contoh yang baik ialah dalam kita sibuk mengkritik dan mendambakan pemimpin yang islamik,
kita pulak lambat-lambatkan solat, ataupun menolak bila diajak bersolat jemaah.
Sebab itu la tangga maratib amal itu bermula dengan Individu Muslim dan bukannya Ustaziatul Alam dahulu

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another chapter of my life

Assalamualaikum to all my dear brothers and sisters in Islam

Yeah, yesterday was the end to yet another chapter of my life: the life of a student in INTEC. Well, unluckily, I don't have any photo to share with all of you. Don't blame the 2-megapixel camera of my phone. It would not look good here even if I did take any picture with it. Let's just hope that any of my friend would upload a decent photo of us in the nearest future. Looking forward for it.
Getting back to the graduation, I didn't feel that sad about getting separated from my friends. We have chosen our own paths. And, Allah's willing, we will met again one day. There would be a lot of chances to meet each other when we are in the states later. One of them will be during the muktamar in Texas this coming November. And we will have a lot of other program in the future. Even if we do not have a chance to meet later in our life, insyaAllah, we will meet in Allah's jannah later in the hereafter. And for that, we really have to work hard, mates. It wont be easy but it will worth every single effort that we put here.
Ending my chapter in INTEC, I think that a reflection wont hurt me much. When I first entered INTEC in July 2010, all of us had to take a test before we were streamed into our respective classes. I was selected to be in Austin, where I met a bunch of crazy but intelligent people. They were so smart, so much that I thought I was in the wrong class. When I first entered the class, there was no lecturer but all of them were chatting with each other in English. Being a student who never spoke in English except in English classes, I was perplexed. But, in the end, I manage to survive the semester with some improvements in my confidence and my language.And, oh yeah, more than half of them ended up, or rather will end up, in UMich, Ann Arbor. It would be a good reunion when Yusri, Syamil and I managed to set our foot in UMich later.
Well, at first I thought I would continue with the next five semesters but suddenly i feel lazy. So I will shorten this post and  just skip to my reflection. I DO APPRECIATE ALL THE MOMENTS AND FRIENDSHIPS THAT I HAVE HAD IN INTEC. PEOPLE, IF WE ARE NOT DESTINED TO MEET AGAIN LATER IN OUR LIFE, DO PUT OUR BEST EFFORT SO THAT WE CAN MEET IN THE HEREAFTER, THE JANNATUL FIRDAUS, INSYAALLAH.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum to my dear brothers and sisters in Islam
Peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah

Once, during my holiday, I read Batu Bata Kehidupan by Hilal Asyraf
In one of his post, he wrote about a question, a question about couples and relationship.
His answer stays in my mind till this very second.
To avoid our friends from involving in boy-girl relationships, we should be the ones who develop good relationships with them. We are the ones who should be responsible in filling the empty space in their hearts. We should be the ones who fill their lives with love and friendship.
Then, there is no other to be blamed except for our own selves who fail our friends.

That is exactly my feelings right now.
I have been thinking a lot about the free-mixing of boys and girls around me.
And each time I see them, I know I am the one should be blamed for not being a good friend for them.
A friend that can fill in the empty space inside their hearts.
And it is not only about couples.
Even seeing boys and girls being friends with each other without paying much attention about the do`s and dont`s in islamic terms also makes me think that I am failing.

I am not being apologetic here. This is just a feeling that I would like to share here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Peace be upon you my dear brothers and sisters in Islam.
And to others, a very nice day.

All praise be to Allah, the lord of the world
and peace and blessing be upon Muhammad, His final messenger.

Dear brothers and sisters, 
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 
This proverb is very beautiful in the sense that we are actually taught the basic principle of life. 
To master a skill is necessary for us to gain full benefit from it. We are, to use common words, fully in-charge of our life only when we have all the important skill

Lately, we have been bombarded with social problems such as baby-dumping, adultery, robbery, bribery and many more. You name it. These problems have create a great ruckus among the society. We are greatly concerned on the solutions of the problems. However, these are not the real problems that we are facing today. The real problem that we have actually lies in the understanding of our deen, Islam. 

For example, the issue of hijab is a famous topic among muslims. People talked a lot about tudung, asking the women to wear tudung and cover their head. However, as we can see nowadays, women do cover their head but they do not wear a proper attire. They wear tight shirts or tight jeans. They expose their arms. As we manage to solve a problem about covering women`s head, we are facing another problem with other parts of their body.

Why? One of the reason is due to the fact that people do not understand their actions. They do not understand why they have to wear hijab. They do not understand that covering aurat is a part of muslim`s obligations towards the deen. Undoubtedly most of them do know, but they do not understand.

While prayers, charities, fasting, pilgrimage and hijab are important components of Islam, there is actually bigger parts that we do not pay much attention to. The real foundation of Islam is not ritual. If we do not pay much attention to these foundation, then we not getting anywhere. We will face the same problem again and again. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assalamualaikum to my dear brothers and sisters in Islam.
A good day to my friends
May Allah shed His guidances upon all of us.

I have abandoned this blog for quite a long time for some reasons that most of us are not concerned of.
However, since this is my blog, I will write them down anyway.

First, I feel that this blog has long become a place for me to share all my complains and sorrows.
As I grow up, I feel that I complain so much that I always overlook all the gifts of Allah.
And I know that complains would not help me solve the problem, though it does make me feel good. 
Since that kind of  good feeling is not something I need, I am sure that I would be better off without it.

Second, I have actually attempted to write down my thoughts several times before
and I stopped halfway through.
Lack of determination, I think.

And today, I decide that I would again write something in this blog.
However, I dont have anything good to be said. Therefore, I will just stop here

Friday, April 6, 2012


Yeah. I do care about you. More than you think I do.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking back through old pictures sure brings lots of memories for me. There are some faces that I bet I wont meet in the near future. And these people are valuable for me. The pictures also bring memories about the old me. How I wish I was not that person at that time, but I also wish that I do not change in certain aspects too. Yeah. I have been through lots of changes in the past twenty years. I have learn a lot and I have been through a lot. Now, the important thing is I have to gain as much benefit as possible from the changes that I have gone through.

P.s. I know this post does not make sense somehow. Just ignore me

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hari ini telah melangkau tarikh 23 mac 2012 - sudah hampir 90 hari kita menjejak tahun 2012. Dan beberapa hari lagi saya akan meninggalkan usia belasan tahun dan berkenalan dengan usia 20 tahun. Sudah tua rupanya. Ia mengingatkan saya kepada masa-masa yang terbuang tanpa dimanfaatkan kepada perkara yang sepatutnya. Ia juga mengingatkan saya kepada masa-masa yang akan saya lalui. Akankah mereka terbuang juga? Atau akankah saya gunakan mereka dengan baik? 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have just realized that this is my first post for 2012. This means that I have abandoned this blog for quite a long time. But then, no sweat since nobody is waiting for a new post. Lol.
I actually have nothing to be written but I dont want this blog to be abandoned for a longer time. Hermm, I would like to introduce the new official blog for Fighters 0509, my previous batch in Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. This batch has given me lots of memories since I entered SAS on January 5, 2005. I love them all. I was once asked by my friend, Which one will you miss more, SAS or INTEC? Honestly, I cant really say which one of these two institutions is more significant in my life. But I can say that both of them have left deep impacts in my life. InsyaAllah, if Allah wills, I wont forget both of them till I become old. Which means that I might become old enough till I forget everything. I hope not
FIGHTERS 0509, till we meet again.
And that reminds me that two of my batchmates, Mulliyadi and Nawawi, have already arrived in Australia to continue their study there. Mulliyadi is currently studying Engineering at University of Adelaide and Nawawi is taking Pharmacy at Curtin University. Pray that both of them will strive in their education and become role models for their family and the society. And remember that all of us will meet our creator, Allah, when the time has come. Therefore, we have to bring sufficient deeds that will enable us to enter Jannah. And striving in education, for the reason of Syahadatul Haq and pleasing Allah, by Allah’s will, will become our supply in hereafter. 
Actually, I dont really like this photo. I look, somehow, fatter. Lol
Well, a photo cant really justify me. So, here it goes
Alan, Nik Khaidir, Paan, Pi-i, me(Afiq), E-se, Mull, Irfan, Zuhdi, Zhahir and Amini
Till we meet again, friends. Jazakumullah khair for giving me a chance to meet all of you again
And, I did not send Nawawi off the next weekend. I had another program to attend. So sorry Nawawi. Nevertheless, I still love you. And I love you all friends.