Thursday, July 29, 2010

These days seem to be very hectic and messy for me. I have mountain of clothes waiting to be wash,bundles of homeworks to be finish and lots of SAT practices that I want to complete. What a mess. Today, each and every one of the courses that we had had left us with at least one assignments. Hahaha

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Had done the introductory speech on the meaningful object in my life. I chose to talk about the collection of money that I own. The dollars that I painstakingly collected from my friends and juniors. Well, they are really meaningful for me. At first, I think that it is quite a shame to use the money for the presentation. Since I have no other choice, I proceed with it. The happy part was I had made my classmates to promise me that they will give me a note each at the end of this semester. Even Gorden too that seem to be so reluctant at first. I had to admit that I am a persevere person . I will never stop unless I was stopped by something else. Today, Nisaa,my class rep assistant also brought us half of the cake that she baked on her own. Delicious. Thanks for the treat.
Another thing that bugging me is the fact that the p1 wimax is distracting me from doing my work. Haha. It is very hard to do your assignment when the internet is just a click away. Ok, maybe a double click. Even if I intended to use the dictionary software in my laptop, it is very hard to resist the urge. Need to find a way to stop me from surfing the net whenever I use my laptop. I have a lot of assignment waiting to be done and I even don't start them yet. Haiyaaaa

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is a wonderful journey. It is full with a lot of joys..and tears  too. Enjoy our life since insyaAllah we will never have the second chance to live for the second time. But remember, life regardless whom it belong to,need to follow the rules. At least,respect others and know the limit of your choice. You can never choose to kill people because you think that it is your choice. 
Just learn something from a great man. People tend to make a mistake when they have lot of choices. When,you have no choice, you will choose what is left for you. But when the choices are yours, you will easily be trapped by them. Maybe it is hard to understand my words. Bare with it. I'm not that good in English.
Another thing that i realized is the world is full of great people. So many people had inspired me in many ways that sometimes others said it is a ridiculous thing to admire a person for such a reason. Haha. I don't think so. What i wanted to stress here is respect yourself no matter what happen. Think positive. Sometimes, narcissism is not a bad thing 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yeah..Had bought the p1 wimax for our room. The connection is superb. For the time being,we all agreed to proceed with it. However, if there is any problem occur during this trial session,we will for sure terminate the contract and buy a broadband individually. That's the plan.
I've come with a new equation today. Not much of an equation actually. I've found out that money inhibit the same property with water. Lets say you have a bottle of water. You did not closed it properly. The water will flow out for sure and spilled onto the ground. The same property can be applied with money. If you draw the money from the ATM and put them into your wallet, the money will disappear very fast that you will be unable to track them back. So, money is equal to water in a few sense. The equation is money = water if and only if you put them in your pocket. Mine got a hole, a really big one.  Haha.
College life is so different with the school one before. You can't survive without money. It is a great necessity unless you have a kitchen in your room or maybe at least a rice cooker. Hahaha. During school days before, I'd used to keep cool and relax if my pocket is empty. It did bother me a bit but no pressure. But now, it is different.  
Never stick your nose into people's privacy..Learned it just recently. Let them be happy with their own life as long as it will not turn their life upside down. Even if you pity them as your friends,trust me, sometimes people need to learn the hard way. No name mentioned. No offense.
So,life goes on, again. Intec is holding the INPRO right now. A few games had finished and some more are in the waiting list. The official closing ceremony will take place this upcoming Saturday. Of course I'm hoping that ADFP will become the champion again. Although I must say that I don't play any important part in this INPRO, no participation at all. Just a side-viewer only. Hahaha.
We are turning Mull's room into a free cybercafe. Hahaha. No charge at all. They get a high speed internet connection from an unknown wi-fi. Thank god that this generous person allow us to use the connection.
I've borrowed the Cracking SAT book from Yusri Jamaludin,my very own classmate. This book somehow boost my spirit. It will be a good start for me. I've learned a lot of useful strategies from this book. I'm planning to use the flash card to build my vocab. I think 18 words daily will be enough for my SAT. Just hoping that the spirit will last at least after my SAT. The longer the better of course.
We are planning to buy a p1 wimax in the nearest time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hahaha. Day after day had passed in this suburban of seksyen 6. Yeah, the same food,makan dik bungkus with ikan keli and kangkung belacan. So boring. But the choice is never mine. I had to cut down my expenses since the PROMISED claim money from 'someone'(or maybe I shuld say sameplace) seem to be a dream. Yet, I had spent about 10 ringgit per day lately, which i regretted every night but no action was taken. Hahaha.
Every Wednesday, the student of ATU 17 will have the SAT practice for the upcoming real test in early of Oct. Two tests had passed and my results are not showing a good omen( I just learned this word). Aiming for the ivy league is such a dream since I barely exceed the minimum cut off point for JPA which is 1000. Despite the rumor that I heard about ADFP which is so said as All Day Fun and Play, the reality is not that sweet. SAT real exam is just 10 more weeks from now and i did not see that I am in the right path.
The other thing that burden my mind is all my classmates are so damn good in English that I think I did not deserved to be in Austin. Yeah,they are fun  but the fact that I'm not in the same level with them make me feel uncomfortable. I've been trying to look at the bright side. I should learn from them. I'll try.
Let's face it. I am lucky enough that JPA's cut off point is not that high compared to Khazanah and BNM. Haha. I'm not saying that my life in INTEC is very miserable. In fact, I've learn so many new things in just a few weeks since I'd registered. I should learn to see things from the bright side and don't take everything too hard..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My friends once asked me, "best ke blogging?". Hahaha. It depends on the person la. He also asked me, "apa faedahnya? Ko tulis pasal diri ko pastu kasi semua orang baca." Haha. I dont have the answer here. As long as it is not a sensitive issue, it will be fine with me. Hahaha. A few months ago, i started blogging because I want to get rid of my leisure time. Then, I think that it will be better if I use it to strengthen my english. That's why I do write in English even though it is harder to express my feeling here. Yeah, it is much much harder.
Lets forget about it. I had reached Cendana after a 45 minutes ride in Kenari. That car was rented by Daus and the Puncak Alam's gang. They are planning to go somewhere and had fun for the next 24 hours. I wonder what will happen if  i am there. Will i be in the same car and had all the fun with them...Sigh. I am missing them already. Hahaha.
I am planning to get a P1 wimax as soon as everybody in my house got their own laptop. It will be easier for us to surf the internet. Right now, Cendana dont have any wireless connection and the LAN cable is not working. 

Dont think that i had anything to write in the nearest time
 plus i will be quite busy after this
Here I am in Puncak Alam visiting my friends. Hahaha. My old campus. I had a new campus now. UiTM campus seksyen 17. I had just finished the MMS in Intec. Yeah, once again. But with the number of students of about 800 plus, the whole registration just take about half a day. Much shorter than the previous one. But the batch in Puncak Alam nearly reach 2800 students. We also have some LDK here.  Therefore, I must say that they deserve us some salutations. All the PMs for the MMS. wee ~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alhamdulillah. Had finished all the tedious procedures on time. Hahaha. Hope that I dont have to go through this nonsense anymore(although it will just remain a hope). Lots of thanks I wished to the dedicated nurse at the  Hospital Tengku Anis. Although I just intended to get a cheaper mantoux test at RM 5 (which will cost me RM 90 at a private hospital), they had done a great help by asking one of the doctor to do a medical checkup for me. Yeah,had save me my time and of course my money too.
Overall,taking into account the previous blood and urine test at the private, I had spent a sum of RM 280 for the checkup. Sigh, Nawawi just spent 142 ringgit for all the checkup at a private hospital. Hahaha. I did doubled up the amount there.But once again, thank god. I did finished it. wee ~