Thursday, September 30, 2010

I felt the sudden urge to post something on this blog. I was perambulating in the Adfp block before. Then, I dropped by Awie's room and had a little chat with him. This little chat was the thing that urged me to come back to my room, take my laptop from inside the closet, turn it on and post this song. I heard this song in our OC class. Cut everything short. :)


I would welcome your presence back into my life
With an ear to ear grin I would greet you on sight
I would dance until dawn, I would laugh at the rain
I would welcome your friendship again.

I can hear your soft voice on the telephone line
I can see your sweet smile as it flits 'cross my mind
I can feel your heart, so full within mine
But I cannot look into your eyes.

        Though I well understand our paths drawn apart
        I still feel the longing deep in my heart
        I must patiently wait till faith, hope, love, the trine
        Can allow us together in time.

We have chosen this distance, from a deep place of knowing,
That each one of us may have space for growing
And the mirror we turn, and the honor we share
Hold a promise to always be there.

        Though I well understand our paths drawn apart
        I still feel the longing so deep in my heart
        I will patiently wait till faith, hope, love, the trine
        Will invite us together in time.

Then I'll welcome your presence back into my life
With an ear to ear grin I shall greet you on sight
I will dance until dawn, I will laugh at the rain
I will welcome your friendship again
I will welcome your friendship again.

the friendship waltz
by Lui Collins.

Dedicated to my dear friends..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

apsal rasa xde semangat giler2 ni
I should start working on my book review, radio drama, campaign and SAT
I should but I am not
kinda lazy these days

To my dear friends,
You guys don't have to stalk my blog like that.
as if i have another fb in that chatbox
now,u may want to have a look at these people's blog : )

Izuan yusri and aqilah
go and spam them

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I thought that I just wanna post thin in my status for FB, but, apparently, I cant tag any name. It kinda disappoint me. So, i decided to post this in this blog , which meant that I had to post a detail one. Lol.. Gonna take some time but I want to publicize it.
It is not a big a deal actually. Today Syahril Ibrahim a.k.a Cabi treat us - Hazim, Zhahir, Apek and me - three regular pizzas. Adding the one that I got free with the coupon, we have four pizzas altogether. Then, I managed to persuade Ferd to drive to Subway for a supper. Credit to Boost for his car. I must say that I kinda proud of my persuasive force because I managed to have a free set of Subway-sponsored by Ferd. Lol. Joke Ferd. It's not because of my persuasive force but of your generosity. U too, Cabi.Wee~
Thanks guys..

suddenly, I can tag names in FB.sigh

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The gpa is out already. Not a good one, but alhamdulillah anyway. Kinda expect more. But, I cant do nothing about it. sigh. Some people may say that let bygone be bygone. But I'm sure that this thing can never be one because I will bring the score to the final exam. However, I should look at the bright side.  That shows where I stand, right?
forget about that i-dont-want-to-remember thing. herm~.and now I"m blank.Lol.
I still don't buy the ink for my printer. Sadly enough, the semester is just five weeks more and I dont think that I want to buy the ink. Which mean, there is no point for me to bring the printer. I wont say that it cost me 265 for nothing. but it kinda seem to be like that. Joke la. herm~ Just forget this thing too la. Lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another random fact about me: I am easily motivated by things that other people may think as small and insignificant. However, the motivation never last long. The longest one is only for two days.
I always want to be somebody - a person who leaves a good impression in others' life. It is as if I live in others' shadows. I want to be like A-he is great. I want to be like B too-he is respectable. The list can go interminably longer. I am, however, become tired of living others' life. It is hard. I want to be myself. I have my own quality that I can be proud of. Maybe there are always rooms for improvement, but improvement is different from being somebody else. We can improve our live if we know our weaknesses.
This conflict does not happen to me only. It happens to most of us. We always think that everybody is better than us. We always want to be someone else.
This is not an academic essay. Lol. It doesn't even has the quality to be one. This is my random thought of the day. It is true-at least for me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

lets start with a random fact about me. Not taking my mum, aunties, cousins and so on blood related women and girls into the account, I have only three phone numbers of the opposite sex in my phone book. The first one is Nisaa, my assistant class representative. I got her no. when I asked her to pass some information to our classmates. The second one is Zulex, my junior's sis. He gave me her no. before the SPM with the intention to  help me -or the other way around- with the spot question. The third one is Sara. I got her no when I was in form three. So, what is my main reason for stating this? Obviously not to say that i am single and available.(even though it is true.) I was alone in the bus last night. I took out my phone to sms somebody.So, I sms everybody that I think will reply mine. Eventually I found out this fact.
Today is the first day in Cendana after a long holiday. Which long actually? The long as in long or in inverted comma? Both. For some reasons, this holiday seem to be long for me. For other reasons, however, it also seem to be 'long' for me. This day started badly. My printer's ink leaked, leaving my hands with all the unable-to-lost stains. The washing machine was lost from its previous place. I have two pails full of clothes next to my bed. Nowhere near to be washed. Sigh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

no mood for SAT
counting days for it

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

had spent about two months in INTEC before coming home. However, it took me about four days to reach home after the holiday started. The last paper we had for the mid-term examination was reading. I boarded the bus right after the jumaat prayer because Daus had promised to pick me up at cendana. Yet, I had to wait for about an hour before tha bus left for cendana. Daus arrived before me, leaving me in such a hurry mode.
We planned to pick Fako up first, but we were lost. So, we went to Daus's campus first. There, I had to leave my i/c at the guard's house. Ok...that was a usual procedure. However, on the way out, I dropped out from the car before Daus parked. A motorcyclist nearly hit the door but thank god, he didn't. Story cut short, the guard was mad at me. I wanted to avoid any trouble,so i said "sorry". Shockingly, the guard replied back, "sori naik lori la." Huh. The guard sure had some sense of humor.
On the saturday, I went to KL with Fako, Daus, Dika, Nawawi, Irsyad, Bighead, Amir hatim and Mulliyadi. I was attracted with an offer from one of the shops there. Buy two jeans for hundred ringgit only. However, for my dissapointment, they have slim cut jeans only for my size -.-'
That night, I slept at Fako's house. I was at the last corner to his house when I realized that I left my laptop at Sal's house. Troublesome me!! I had to go to Sal's house the next day to pick it up since Sal was going home on that day. He was generous enough to send me to OU although there was no point for him to go there.  I planned to spend my day at Aidil's house. Aidil was in Uniten at that time. I managed to force him to come home and have the iftar with me. He also agreed to take me to Shah Alam because I had not packed my things yet. I'm in heaven. I need not to travel back to Shah Alam with public transport. LOL
At last, Monday. i asked Aidil's father to pick Sharo up at Mahalah Abu Bakar in UIA. My bus was at 9:30 that night. So we went to buy things to bring home. I met Irfan Rosly  at Putra station. Physically, he had not change. lol.
So. here I am. home sweet home. Lots of travelling this mid-term holidays. My allowance was decreasing very fast. Need to practice self-restrain. I have to save some for future need, right?
My sis was looking for my laptop when she found an empty dunhill '20 in my bag. OMG. I forgot to throw it away. Need a lot of words to convince my mom that I do not smoke.

Thanks to fawzan for reminding me 
of how I had forgot about the reason for us being here
to worship and to remember 
the Almighty

Monday, September 6, 2010

my friend once said

"klu aq mmpu aq da ajak ko
lgi 2 taun aq ajak ko pegi US
jom r
tpi ko kne blaja btol2
lulus SAT dlu
apply U dlu
bru aq bleh ajak ko datang US"

2 more years to go
thanks for the advise, mate..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting for the last paper in less than 12 hours from now
Should be studying for the paper
guess what?
CS, dota, mcD, Domino pizza, and playing cards..
too relax, right?
sigh -.-
praying for some lucks
for the paper

one more problem
have not finished my assignment yet
still, I'm blogging right now