Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have just realized that this is my first post for 2012. This means that I have abandoned this blog for quite a long time. But then, no sweat since nobody is waiting for a new post. Lol.
I actually have nothing to be written but I dont want this blog to be abandoned for a longer time. Hermm, I would like to introduce the new official blog for Fighters 0509, my previous batch in Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. This batch has given me lots of memories since I entered SAS on January 5, 2005. I love them all. I was once asked by my friend, Which one will you miss more, SAS or INTEC? Honestly, I cant really say which one of these two institutions is more significant in my life. But I can say that both of them have left deep impacts in my life. InsyaAllah, if Allah wills, I wont forget both of them till I become old. Which means that I might become old enough till I forget everything. I hope not
FIGHTERS 0509, till we meet again.
And that reminds me that two of my batchmates, Mulliyadi and Nawawi, have already arrived in Australia to continue their study there. Mulliyadi is currently studying Engineering at University of Adelaide and Nawawi is taking Pharmacy at Curtin University. Pray that both of them will strive in their education and become role models for their family and the society. And remember that all of us will meet our creator, Allah, when the time has come. Therefore, we have to bring sufficient deeds that will enable us to enter Jannah. And striving in education, for the reason of Syahadatul Haq and pleasing Allah, by Allah’s will, will become our supply in hereafter. 
Actually, I dont really like this photo. I look, somehow, fatter. Lol
Well, a photo cant really justify me. So, here it goes
Alan, Nik Khaidir, Paan, Pi-i, me(Afiq), E-se, Mull, Irfan, Zuhdi, Zhahir and Amini
Till we meet again, friends. Jazakumullah khair for giving me a chance to meet all of you again
And, I did not send Nawawi off the next weekend. I had another program to attend. So sorry Nawawi. Nevertheless, I still love you. And I love you all friends.