Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few days ago, I had posted an article which was written by my friend. However, being a noob in this blogging thing, my post cant be seen clearly. And I don't know how to make it better. So, it would be more easy for me to delete the post and provide another link should anyone is interested in reading this article
Secularism by Yusri Jamaluddin. Go ahead. Read and ponder upon the article. It is a great one.

" Step outside of your tiny little world and step inside the tiny little world of others. " - Sam Richards

Yesterday, I have been to a talk by my counselor and she was being very nice to send me home after we had finished the workshop. Though it was me who requested for that help, she did not say no. So, on our way home, being me who like to have random talk now and then, I ask her about some random topic which bring us to a good one. Understanding others. And this is one of my favorite Tedx talk ever.  A very nice topic being discussed in a radical way. Ponder upon it, guys. Listen with an open mind. And believe me, you can obtain so much things from understanding other's people world.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

 I found this article while I was google-ing some other thing in the net. Well, this can sum up about what have always happened to me before. Thumbs up Bernard. Lol

For those who ask me what I do with myself all day

By Bernard Mendelman

I woke up at three in the morning. I had a sore shoulder. I must have twisted it while sleeping. I got out of bed in the darkness and went to my clothes closet where I kept a heating pad on one of the shelves. I opened the closet light and retrieved it and returned to bed with the heating pad on my shoulder. I fell back to sleep until six o’clock.
I saw that the heating pad was still on, but before I was able to turn it off, I had the same sudden urge to clear my bladder that recently caused French actor GĂ©rard Depardieu to urinate in the aisle of an airplane. Luckily, I made it to the toilet in time. I didn’t feel like going back to sleep, so I got dressed in the dark and went to the front door to get the daily newspaper but it hadn’t been delivered yet. I then proceeded to open my
computer where I planned to read my emails that came in during the night.
While waiting for the computer to start up, I went into the kitchen to have breakfast. Turning on the light in the kitchen, I noticed I was wearing one black sock and one brown sock. I made myself a bowl of Rice Krispies and milk. It seems to me that Rice Krispies don’t snap, crackle and pop as much as they once did.

However when I carried the bowl from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table, it did snap, crackle and pop all over me, leaving a huge stain on my pants.
I knew I had some stain remover somewhere. As I started searching for it, I remembered it was very steamy last night and I came home too late to water my plants. So I went out on the terrace and turned the hose on, but the phone started ringing. It was one my friends calling to tell me that one of our chums came in from Israel last night and six of the old gang were going out for brunch later on and I should join them.
While I was on the phone there was a knock on my door. It was the condo super telling me that my car-lights were on. They’re supposed to turn off automatically, but somehow they didn’t. I went down to the garage, got into the car, but the battery wouldn’t start. I was about to call CAA for a boost but before that I went up to the lobby to check if there was any mail.
When I arrived, I met a neighbour who said it was a beautiful day and asked if I would I like to join him for a walk. I told him that I would walk with him to the library as I wanted to put myself on the waiting list for Jane Fonda’s new book, Prime Time.
At the library I relaxed in a comfy chair and read a few magazines and out-of-town newspapers. I must have dozed off, because it was four in the afternoon, when I looked at my watch. After walking home, I went to turn on CNN to see what happened in the world during the day, but I couldn’t find my TV remote. I decided to make dinner and look for it later.
As I ate my dinner I realized: I never turned off the heating pad; never closed the light in the closet; never read the daily newspaper; never opened my emails; I was still wearing one black and one brown sock; I never found the stain remover; never turned off the hose; the terrace was probably flooded by now; I never made it to brunch; never phoned CAA; never picked up my mail; never put myself on the list for the library book and probably will never find the remote.
Although I didn’t accomplish a damn thing, I was totally exhausted from my busy, busy day.  

from the

Friday, September 2, 2011

ah..writing. It was, and still is, never my hobby. I may have some thoughts that I would like to share with people but I am not that good in words. It is easier to talk about something rather than to write about them. When I am talking about something, anything, I never take too much time to put all those thoughts in good words. Screw all those grammatical errors and vocabs. I dont care about them. Even if I care, I cant do anything about it. It is not that reversible. But things are different when it is in writing form. I do care about all those vocabs and grammar-nonsense (the very thing I'm doing right now). Really take my time to finish a writing. Sigh*
So, what's up peeps? I dont really update my blog much for the reason which I have stated above.Lol. Pretty obvious right. I would like to share some quotes from a book which I re-read again today, Rooftop Rant by Hlovate ( well, I can be pretty jiwang these days. C=).
*looking through the book to find all those inspiring quotes*
err. I think I found some just now but now I realized that the book is quite thick for me to look through it So, malas la..
The main thing that I get from the book is