Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have nothing in mind actually
but my hands are itching to write something in this blog
so, I take this opportunity to remind myself 
of something that I should never forget
of something that is important for my future
of something that is crucial
of something that shows how fast time flies
guess what that something is?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

love it dudes....
have spent all the night with my friends. The event at Pelita restaurant, the one near KLCC can be consider as a success. Even though I expected up to 50 persons to show up last night, rationally, 35 is quite a big number, considering that it is hard for us to gather once we ended our high school.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

have no evening class today
and tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow

sound interesting?
there's more
three days in a row
holidays for all of us
a longer weekend indeed.

can't cancel the classes on Monday

rest assured
the next day is a holiday

here comes the pain
mid term tests =.=`
get them all done

two weeks at home.phew..

now that is what we call LIFE
Bored to death

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tonight, food seem to come from every direction that I can think of. I have my dinner at first in Aidil haikal's house in TTDI. He took me to the bazaar nearby his house and as usual, i just don't know what more can I expect from a bazar. The typical food that we can think of i.e. nasi ayam, roti john,murtabak and all that stuffs. I ran into Nabil there. Long time not see dude.
Story cut short since I am sleepy(lol), I have nasi ayam, meehon, nasi goreng, meehon again, otak otak, fruit punch, dunkin donut,lala and some other food that I don't even know its name. Thanks to Aidil, Chubby, Izzat and paan. I don't think that I can wake up for sahur, guys

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am currently in UM. Just finished my sahur with nasi ayam. Yeah, it is my first time (sound wierd.lol) having rice for sahur.
Found something today. Aidil is my idol. LOL.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hari ni terasa nak mengarut dalam bahasa melayu la. Rasa macam nak mengimbau balik masa bulan pose kat skola dulu. Sentimental sket. Hahaha. Banyak kenangan kat sana time bulan pose lu. Aku sebut ikut random je la. Mana yang singgah kat kepala, yang tu lah aku tulis. Hahaha

Masa lower form dulu aku memang liat gler ah nak bangun sahur. Except kalo aku x tido. Kalo dak2 bilik aku nak kejut sahur la kan, memang sangat2 kesian la kat diorang. Wat penat je. Banyak la sebab aku malas nak bangun. DM jauh doe. Pancit nak pusing. Gate tengah x bukak plak tu. Yang tambah sakit kalo odw nak g sahur, kena 'sweet',pastu ada orang cakap  "naek atas jap". Lagi la aku malas nak bangun. Kadang2 tu bangun wat magi, antar kat orang atasan pastu sambung balik tido. Bangun sebab dah janji ngan e-se nak tolong dia. Kang dia emo lak..kidding la e-se. Hahahaha

Masa time f3, orang yang paling mangat nak kejut aku sahur, Azem.. Kadang2 tu kalo aku x bangun, dia naek atas badan aku pastu dok lompat2. Mangat giler ah. Tu kalo aku tido meniarap la. Dia tu ringan, xpe la. Xde la sakit anak orang nanti. Hahaha. Yang x bole bla tu, kejut pkul 4 pun ada. DM x bukak lagi la der. adoiii. Memang
la aku malas nak bangun. Part yang best lak, bangun, bukak loker, amek serunding. Mantap gler

Time f2 dulu, banyak kali gak ah aku x tido. Zaman2 hyperaktif. Keliling blok ngan Ijat Jali ngan Afiq Akmal. Letak colgate la. Letak dynamo la. Aku x wat. Orang len wat. Aku tukang gelak je. (dan2 je x wat sekali). Pas sahur tido ah. Bez gak ah dok rounding blok dulu. Tapi tu zaman jahiliah dulu. Naik f3 dah civilize sket. Dah nak PMR dah pun.

Time F4, herm~~
banyak kenangan masa bulan len la.hahaha.tapi ada gak. jangan bimbang. Masa f4 dulu, zaman rice cooker.Hahaha. Aku, boss, adam, topek, bighead.(yang tak ter-mention tu sori la,kot2 aku lupa).Mantap gler ah. Amek magi, telor, pastu kadang2 sayur gak. Memang magi masak sendiri yang terbaik la. Tapi sayangnya bukan bulan pose la. Masa bulan pose, aku btol2 dah lupa apa aku buat. Hahaha. Kalau nak kira yang gado f4 ngan f5 tu len citer la. Hahaha. Tapi yang tu aku x nak sentuh la. Hal lama seyh.

Masa f5 memang yang terbaik. Bulan pose semua dak GB lepak kat bilik bacaan. Aku pun dah lupa sape kasi nama GB5 tu. Kalo x silap aku, zuhdi K. Ni la zaman paling sket miss sahur kat skola. Banyak orang yang bole kejut. Hahaha. Masa hari solat hajat perdana, mak ayah dak GB hampir semua x datang. Nak wat camne, dak2 jauh je semua. Memang kitorang dok satu meja ah. Wat pot.

bukak kat DM. memang dah ada meja fixed.hahaha

Ni lak kat p9. bukak ujung minggu.
credit to tukang amek gambar. (aku la tu)

bajet cute je.
g alamanda pas bukak kat p9.

bilik GB5/markas.. packed nak mampos
banyak gler ah mende bes kat skola dulu. patut la orang kata, kalo ada zaman yang ko nak ulang balik, zaman sekolah menengah la salah satunya. Hahahaha. Tersangatlah enjoy

zuhdi sidek datang blaja kul 3 pagi

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have finished reading A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. A very good and fascinating story indeed. I had never finished an English book of that thick in less than five days; even when I have nothing to do at all. This one just took me two days. Had really surprised me. I am, for sure love this book more than the one I read for my own book review. Never to forget, credit to Boost for his benevolence by lending me this book despite he had not finished his book review yet. Sorry for causing so much trouble dude.
I am looking forward for  The Last Song that Syamil promised to give me once he has done his book review.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It has been a very long time since I last posted  an entry. huh. Many thing had happen yet I still found that I have no feeling to write anything in this blog. I just have finished a conference with Azem and Fahim. They were having their sahur at that time. Before that, when I was in Intec, I found a name on a notice board that managed to amuse me. That name was Afiq Fahim Bin Md Yusof. A combination between me, Fahim and Azem. Quite amusing, right? That was the reason why I have had a video conference with them. However, that took me about one hour of my liittle time that I wanted to spend on my assignment. The due date is tomorrow and I started it just after I had finished my class this afternoon. 
This Ramadan is different from the previous one. I will rather say that I wont have rice for my sahur until I reach my hometown. Back in the school before, the school still provided us with the sahur every morning. It is not a big deal. Actually, I enjoyed my sahur here. 
However, I am looking forward to visit my high school, InsyaAllah before hari raya. I will try to finish my dossier earlier even though the time constrain is not applied for most JPA scholars. We have lots more time to complete it compared to another scholars. About a year more. Ahahaha. I am looking forward to go home too. Kinda miss my family. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look at the time. It is 5 in the morning...Hahaha. The proper time to have my sahur(What is sahur in English?Anyone?). I haven't sleep up until now. Guess why? Because I had slept after performing my maghrib until 1 o'clock in the morning. Hey, don't blame me. It was raining here in Shah Alam. The condition was favorable. Hahaha. However, this also meant that I missed my tarawih for this night. Sigh. Should not happen again after this.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I had went to the usapps2010 talk in Klang Valley,specifically said held in Taylor Lakeside campus. About the talk... the first day, it was all about financial aids and common applications for the admission into top universities in US. For most of INTEC students, everything that has connection with money is supported by the sponsors. Maybe not every single thing, but almost everything I think. Easier said, we don't have to and can't take the financial aid. Our sponsors won't allow us to do so. For the admission part, OSSP will handle it for us. Pretty easy right. For today, I was there until one hour before the noon, more or less la. What happen was Aidil Haikal asked me to follow him to the PC fair in KLCC. He wanted to buy  backpack and external hard disk.

on the way to taylor

The night before the the talk, I slept at 3 in the morning. I have had a video conference with Fahim and Azeem. They looked happy and seemed to be enjoying their stay in Tennessee.

I forgot to take the picture earlier
the connection suddenly went bad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My SAT result for today SAT practice test really makes me down. Despite the fact that I've been trying to improve my vocab recently, my result still decreased below my own cut off point. Of course I know that success  is not a fortnight efforts but I just wanted to see a good improvement in my result. Herm...
Yesterday, my friends and I went to have a lunch outside  the campus. At first, we planned to go to Restoran Pak Mal which is in Seksyen 11. Unfortunately, Chubby didn't remember the exact road that we should take. We spent almost 30 minutes wandering around and still we were nowhere near to Pak Mal restaurant. So, we decided to go the nearest place from our position at that time. We ended in one of the restaurant in Seksyen 7. While waiting for the food, my non muslim ask me a simple question. "If I'm not mistaken, you have some restriction about your clothing. I mean how you dress"
I was happy enough to provide him with the answers. It was easy right. Here come the harder part. "So,why some people don't wear tudung?". How can I answer it. I know that he meant no offense. I just smiled and let others to answer it for me. I ain't trying to be bias here. I know that even boys do the same mistake. But still I feel ashamed with it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's lesson was so hard. I don't even have the time to digest what our lecturer said during the lesson. I am in a serious need to learn how to cope with the college life. Maybe I still don't get used with it. Maybe.
I've went to OSSP INTEC thrice today. I am looking for some suitable universities for me. Considering my achievement for the time being, I wont be able to enroll into any Ivies or Ivy League Standard. It is not that I wanted to enroll into those universities so bad but it one of the requirements for any JPA scholars to cut down our preparation from two years to one year. The other requirements are a minimum of 1400 for CR and Math papers, GPA of 3.5 for each semester and a minimum of 100 for TOEFL.Seem to be hard,right? Actually, it is very hard. At least for me. Hahaha. I am beginning to think that they don't have to set such a  high cutoff point since the universities themselves do not offer places for anyone with a lower score.
Herm.. Looking forward for the upcoming Ramadan. It is just a week or so from now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The closing ceremony of INTEC INPRO games was held in the Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam last night. The ceremony took about 3 hours with about 95 percent of the time was spent on the parade. Have to say that this event had change my view on a parade.  Last year, I was one of the committee members of my sport house for the sports day. The qualities that we stressed in that parade were discipline, uniformity and all the good qualities. Here, they seem did not care about the uniformity. I don't know the precise word but I used to call it as 'berterabur'. Haha. Not that I used to,actually I still use that word. The main attraction of the parade, obviously are the performances when they arrived at the center of the stadium. And the best part is i sat at the center. It is just like a 5 stars seat. Lol. Lots of performance. Even Gee and Lady Gaga were there. Haha. The people are creative. I am not saying that the people at my previous school were not creative. But,there we have some restrictions that we need to follow. Back to the topic. The parade was awesome.
I really enjoyed that night. Maybe I did not play any significant role in this INPRO but i don't need to be in there to enjoy it ,right. Unfortunately,ADP lost. For the first time after three consecutive years of winning, we lost. But cheer up guys, we had done the best. Winning is not everything. And these are not a loser's words. We have had our own glory. Good job guys....