Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little bit busy this week. Not that much busy till I done have time blogging but actually had nothing to write.Herm ~
Procrastination is a thief of time. Hahaha. I had to admit that I had learn the lesson here. My mom was mad because I  did spent too much time at Puncak Alam before I came home. Now, i had some problem regarding my medical check up. Till this very second, I am not sure when will I finish it. I am just hoping that I will be able to do it before the 2nd may. If not, I need to have some strong reasons for JPA. Hahaha
However, I do not think that all the time that i spent at Puncak Alam is a procrastination. I had all the reassons why I said so. Need not to justify them here. Just wanted to express my feeling.

Hoping that the time will move faster
Too much of leisure time will rust my mind
and my heart too

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hanging out at the Sunway Pyramid with my friends. Love them very much

just a little bit more boss

wow. the management should banned me from entering chicken hartz. 
way to go qlate. Hehe.

1st round...what a waste. Haha. The lasagna was not good enough for them

2nd round. Should ask the worker there not to clean our table. I think even us will be surprised to see the plates. Haha


Bowling time. I did manage to do a spare twice. 
But most of the time, the ball did end up in the 'longkang'. Hehehe. 

That was on saturday. Such a great time indeed. Then, on the monday, Paan and I skipped the classes and had a walk in the uitm. Last memory bro..

see. that's why i said that if i spend one year at Puncak Alam,
I will achieve my target. 
Just seeing the stairs make me feel exhausted

this picture is taken at the FPTP
~16 and a half floor from the ground~

Then..I should say farewell to uitm puncak alam.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Have arrived home at the dawn. Its been about two weeks or so since the vandys departed to US but I just got the chance to upload this photos. Hope that I am not that late. huhuhu
Therefore, meet the vandy boyz.....

Abdul Fahim Bin Fauzi

 Muhammad Azeem bin Md Yusof

Azman Bin Sampol

Azizi Bin Azizan Khamat

From left: Azman, Azeem, Me, Fahim, Azizi

Weeee ~.This picture is making me jealous


Hope all of you will be fine there. No more mom's ketupat and lemang for this coming eid.

p/s: I still have gazillion pictures waiting to be upload 
but my internet connection does turned me down.
So later...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Had celebrated my last night as a student of UiTM Puncak Alam with my friends. It was just a dinner in the Rafflesia college,just like any other dinner that we had before. But it does bring a lot of meanings for me. Lets cut it short. I wanted to thank all of my friends for all the wonderful moments we spent here. All of them do mean a lot. Study smart and take care. I will try my best to pay all of you a visit once in a month. Lets strive for a better future.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

InsyaAllah today is my sencond last day in Uitm Puncak Alam. I am planning to take a bus home from Klang Sentral tomorrow's night. Although I had spent just one month here, this place had became so familiar with me and I think that I will miss this place and for sure the people inside it.huhu
Yesterday, Paan asked me to accompany him to Putrajaya. He said that he wanted to meet the teachers at SAS. The bad news is Pojan had told me that the journey to Putrajaya painstakingly took about four hours if we travel by public transports. We took the bus to Shah Alam, called zuhdi K and asked him to drop us at KTM Shah Alam, took the train to Serdang and once again a bus to Putrajaya. Yeah, the whole journey did took more than 4 hours.
To minimize the duration of our journey back to Puncak Alam,we took a bus to Putrajaya sentral, board the erl and took a bus to Shah Alam. Here come the problem. Yesterday was a weekday and it was 6 pm. The time taken to reach Shah alam doubled up to one and a half hour. Then we had to wait for the bus to Puncak Alam. Seriously, waiting for something that we did not sure is a pain in the ass. We ended up there for roughly one and a half hour(again).
Of the whole 13 hours that we had out of Puncak Alam yesterday, we spent 9 hours for traveling with the public transport!! Just dont know what to say anymore

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still in UiTM Puncak Alam. I had so many plans in my head and Alhamdulillah I had managed to accomplish most of them. I had bought my own laptop yesterday. Toshiba Satellite L510. Cost me nearly RM 2 K which will make me 'botak kepala' after this. But overall I am satisfied with this model. And the most important thing is I can do my work easily.Lets not defined what is the meaning of the 'work'. Hahaha.
And today I had spent the whole day with my friends. The original plan is to move from UiTM at 8.30 am. Watch movie at Klang Parade. Then play bowling and karaoke at central point. But, as I had expected earlier,the plan will never go smoothly. We moved from UiTM at 12 pm which is 3 and a half hours late. Then we took a bus to Sunway Pyramid. No movie. Just a 'melantak' at Chicken Hartz. Costs 24 ringgit per person. Spent more than one hour .But, it is the best. I will remember it even if I had turn 70 one day. InsyaAllah.  Hahaha.
Then, we played bowling at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Paid for two games but unfortunately, I had to come back earlier to UiTM. I had promised to give most of my things to my uncle so that i dont have to take it home with me. Didnt manage to finish even one game. Huhuhu. But had a very good lesson today. Please be familiar with your own place so that it will make your day easier. The journey should take less than one hour. But, since we were LOST, it had became two hours. Hahaha. I still had a few plan for this week and I am very determined to finish all of them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It had been a few days since the vandy boys had departed to US. I want to upload their picture but my phone's cable was lost and I dont know how to use the bluetooth application for the laptop(so noob).Hahaha. Therefore lets just wait until i get a new cable for my phone. I was very excited to see all of them at KLIA on that day. Azeem, Azizi, Azman and Fahim.
Somehow,my enthusiasm to go to US come back after i look back at the photo of them in KLIA. It seem to be very exciting. Just seeing their status at the facebook make me envy them. Haha. I hope that one day i could be at the same place waiting for my own flight to depart rather than just seeing other people fly to all over the world. Therefore, I had decided to accept the offer by JPA. I will try my best to excel there since the competition will be much stiffer. Hope that I will never get carried with all the nonsense things where ever I am.
 For the time being, i am planning to spend rest of my time here hanging out with my friends. If there is any more reason why i hesitate to accept the jpa offer,it will be them. It is hard to leave them here after so much time spent every day. Even though Paan and Zhahir received the same offer with me, it will never be the same anymore. But, we all had to sacrifice to gain success in our life. Just hope that it will bring us more joys in our future. InsyaAllah.
This saturday, I am planning to buy a laptop at Low Yat. InsyaAllah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Had receive an offer from JPA for the PILN program. Alhamdulillah. It was an offer for American Credit Transfer Program(ACTP) at Intec for 2 years and insyaAllah in US for another two or three years. Rationally it is a chance that only fools will decline. However, after i had been rejected by JPA three weeks ago, I felt quite sad. After a week or so at this uitm, I think that it will be better for me if i am accepted for the pidn program. I had successfully overcome the disappointment. I dont think about the piln at all since i was rejected. Even though i had ask for an appeal, I dont think that I have any slight chance to obtain the offer. I had set my mind that I will just pursue my study locally. Plus all the conversation that I had with some people after I had been rejected,I just dont have the same enthusiasm as before. How can I describe it.... I dont feel the excitement that I think i will have if I was accepted earlier. For the time being, InsyaAllah I will accept the offer. It was such a rare opportunity.
However, i do appreciate if anyone that have any information about this program do tell me some detail about it. It will be a very big favor for me.Thanks

Thursday, June 10, 2010

KLIA jom!!!

Is currently having problem with the lab report. Unable to finish it since i dont even start it yet. Haha. Plus all the distractions that I have.Facebook, blogging and etc... I think it will take a much longer time to finish it. I have the determination to finish it. I have done a few research about the topic. i even went to the library earlier today. Unfortunately the book that i look for does not even exist in this campus. Actually, I am having a shortage of the information that I MAYBE needed to finish it. Therefore,lets just forget about the report for a moment. Haha. I am looking forward to meet the vandy student-to-be. They will depart on the Saturday, June 12th at 3 pm local time. So, my friends and I are planning to meet them before the flight take off. I have to wait at least another four years to meet them. I dont even think that I will recognize them at that moment. Haha. InsyaAllah I will be at the KLIA before 11 am on that day. I heard that many of my friends will be there on that day. InsyaAllah it will be a small reunion of fighters 0509 at KLIA.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sejak masuk u, hari2 aku kena kira brape banyak duit aku blanja. Kalo nak makan tak leh lebih sepuluh ringgit sehari. Kalo nak belanja member makan pun dah pikir banyak kali. Tak macam dulu lah. Kalo dulu, nak blanja mamber tak pernah pikir panjang. Pastu,sekarang ni kalo nak makan pun cari kedai yang paling murah.Kalo ada kedai yang offer lunch bawah 4 ringgit, memang tu je la kedai yang kitorang g makan.Hahaha Tak cukup ngan duit makan, harga buku lak mahal2 je. haish... Pastu, kalo bole lecturer nak kitorang ada laptop. Aku pun setuju gak. Sebab senang sket nak wat assignmwent,tutorial ngan mastering subjek2. Tapi ongkos tu la yang jadi hal. Kalo laptop tu harga seratus dua takpe gak. Bole je nak beli bila2. Ni haram ah mahal. Pendek kata, kena saving la kalo nak idup kat sini. InsyaAllah aku cuba sedaya upaya nak jimat sebab aku tahu duit ni bukan senang nak dapat kan.