Sunday, December 19, 2010

A long trip

I have been to a few places these past few days with a few of my friends. I've been longing for such a trip since the beginning of the holiday. And I can't say that I am fully satisfied with the trip. I can be to a lot more places if I have more money. However, it is bad to say that I am not happy with this trip. In fact, I enjoyed this one trip very much. 
So, this on-the-paper aim for the trip is actually to fetch my sister's baggage back to my home. She had just finished her SPM two days before I came back to Kelantan. My bus departed from Pasir Puteh at 9.55 last monday. I'd spent my first day in UiTM PA with my ex-roommate. I'd even attended a lecture there with Fawzan and Boss. I supposed to have dinner with my friend that Tuesday's night but suddenly my mom called me and told me that I had to lengthened my trip there. She wanted me to go home with my sis. I am more than happy to 'grant her wish'. However, I'd to rush to KISAS that night. Thanks a lot to fawzan for taking me there on his motorcycle. 
The next day, I went to Alamanda to meet E-se and Ijat Jali. A few more friends should be joining but they had to cancelled the plan last minute. Never mind. InsyaAllah we can meet again next time. We actually didn't do much things there. Just karaoke, eating and a lot of chatting. Ese and Ijat nearly lost their voice that day. lol Late that evening, Aidil Haikal came to join us too. He was pretty busy with the application for university. So, we just sat at Rasa and talked some more. He sent me to Sentral in his new white Myvi. He had to rush for a debate in Uniten that night. That night, I went to UM and slept there. Sometimes, I even think that we actually have a free hotel there. If any of us want to sleep there, it will always be Acap's room. Thanks a lot Acap and Syed. 
The next day, I went to Mid Valley. Alone. This is my second time alone there. My favourite place there is MPH bookstore. I can spend even hours reading books there. Books are all over the place. I dont but anything this time since I'd spent more than hundred bucks the last time i'd been there. However, being alone was so much boring that I finally gave up and went back to Puncak Alam. Before that, I had my lunch with Zuhdi K somewhere in Shah Alam. Pojan did me a great favor again by fetching me back to Puncak Alam from Klang Sentral. If not for him, I have to wait for another bus to Puncak Alam and I dont think that I can wait any longer after spending nearly two and a half hours waiting for the bus to Klang Sentral. 
Friday was done with chats, games, playing cards and finishing The Guardian by Nicholas Spark. Saturday was the last day for the trip. They also held an exhibition for some local higher education institutions on that day. So, I just spent the day roaming around the exhibition. Safuan offered to take me to KISAS and then to Klang Sentral. Had my lunch at his house, again. Thanks a lot, Cina. 
This trip makes me realized that having a lot of friends is a privilege for me. Privileges are something that should be treasured with care. By saying friends, I am not limiting them to the people above only but to all those people that are not blood related to me but still, I enjoy, cherish and treasure the presence of them around me. It is not because of the ride that they offered, the meal that they treated or anything materialistic that may occur from time to time that make friends friends, but the presence of them around me-no matter who I am and what I do- that counts.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It has been long since my last post. Maybe this is one of the reason. My 100th post. By posting this entry it will be 101 posts, last published on Dec 10,2010. Lol. Nah, it is not the exact reason. I actually have nothing to write in this blog. Maybe I am suffering something people called writer's block. Who knows right?I also prefer writing in my own journal -it is not a diary =D. Nobody will say anything if I am to curse people there.
Still I want to update my blog. So here I am. I am missing my friends. Have little friends here. Plus the fact that only little institutions are on holiday now. It is hard for me to meet my friends.
The thing that I want to say here is actually about accepting the current me. I am in a new place now. Not that new since I have been there for four months. I can't keep missing my old friends...nah, I can miss them. I actually need to stop expecting the same thing I experienced back in high school. I have to accept the new situation now. I have to accept that my new friends are not the same with my old friends. I also need to accept that intimacy needs time. Things were more awkward during my first four months in Alam Shah.